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350From years ago planted of grapes the first Governor of the Netherlands、Started making wine in South Africa。1Rounding out the day sightseeing guided tours、South Africa's most famous WineryGROOT CONSTANTIA Groot ConstantiaTo let me disturb you.


Reception tasting application to Keiko's Japanese Guide.。Here you will、1Pay the man R30 (Japan Yen 300 yen)、11Type white、It is possible to select one among the red wines, and 5 tablespoons.


This is South Africa's oldest wine industry birthplace.、2It began when planted grapes 100000 books the fifth Governor General of。Referred to as old loved Napoleon I, Emperor of Russia。The Cape region in South Africa for the first time been brewed wine from 350 years。South African wine is a blend of old world and new world winemaking skills、Without losing the spirit of keeping tradition、Increasing acclaim in the international market.。But is South Africa have been separated by apartheid (racial segregation) economic sanctions from the world market long、New motion to pursue democracy in the 15 years following the abolition of apartheid in wine country is known to the world as well as high-quality is the beginning.、The wine industry continued to develop。Grapes were first planted in Cape Town (Cape Town)、1655Of the year。Commander of the Netherlands as a relay station of the Netherlands East India Company founded the Cape Colony、In the diary of Jan van Riebeek Jan van Riebeeck 2/2/1659 must:。"Praise be to God! Today、Cape grapes are squeezed for the first time "and。

1685Groot Constantia (Groot Constantia), a winery founded in Bennie Howard Benny Howard says、"The wine industry in South Africa、1Zhou then went back to the original point。1700Making a comeback to international popularity of age at that time "and talk about。In fact、In the wine trade in the global economic crisis、The wine production of world no. 9 South Africa、2008 year、A record high of exported 400 million liters。International award was then swept and、Is have great wine!


Immediately from the wine list selected stuff tastes like!。Look at the wine list and realized that is a reasonable price。3000 Yen less than the price of wines available for tasting have from 700 yen。And tasting is not possible、7000 Yen doesn't look the best value wines that can be purchased.。Keiko's Japanese Guide "in South Africa plain delicious wine for 500 yen!! "And seemed to have understood the reason said.


' Sauvignon Blanc 2012 Sauvignon·Blanc "

Monde Selection international wine show 2013 - gold。International·Wine·Challenge 2013 - is awarded the gold。Guava、Papaya、Herb and mineral felt、While taste of tropical fruits such as Green Apple freshness there、Ideal for an aperitif。However,、But surprise surprise pour tasting beyond sheer、I'm happy as long as the volume is.


Keiko's Japanese Guide、But as the work、We deliver deep flavor to taste with (lol)


"Semillon/savignon Blanc 2012 Semillon/Sauvignon·Blanc "

Melon、Guava、I feel rich in grapefruit and ripe summer fruit-flavored。And have a beautiful, pale straw-colored、A mild taste characteristic, accentuated with tropical fruit and citrus flavored、A creamy finish.


"Chardonnay 2012 Chardonnay "

2013 Awarded the SA top 100 winner。Orange peel, lime、Chardonnay is full-bodied with flavors of citrus and peach!


Here explains the wine's lovely daughter、College students to work in the winery Jade jade Chan (age 23)。To be surprised "Hi" and after he exchanged greetings in Japan,、A variety of wine information explained in Japan! Like the almost self-taught Japan language、Will language textbook and Japan cartoon (laughs) and、Jade-jade is、Jade Chan jade and Chinese be written! (Surprisingly) us、Cannot write it in Japanese reading Jade's (lol)


Unwind in the spacious spaces like restaurants that、Not to mention the other tourists、Many local residents and enjoyed tasting.


See Pinotage 2011 Pinotage "

Intense dark red with full-body。Aromas of dark chocolate、Ripe cherry and plum。Taste of ripe juicy plums and strawberries.


"Cabernet Sauvignon 2011 Cabernet-Sauvignon.

Dark rubyredcabernet·Sauvignon。Flavors of raspberry and black currant.


"Gouverneurs Reserve 2010 Gouvernurreserve "

2013 SA top 100 winner。Monde Selection international wine show 2013 – Gold Award。Wine has a deep, intense red color。Black Cherry、Plum、Black currant、Chocolate and Mint。Rich flavor!


After the wine tasting more than、Jade Chan and commemorative photo。Japan loves her cuteness almost gone lumps did it!


Keiko's Japanese Guide explained about the wine in the history of the building and South Africa.


Can see the Vineyards Winery in。Now harvest time, naked State.、Will be made thanks to the favorable terms of this vast land, blessed with sunshine and wind in flavorful grapes.


The nuts such as flying squirrels are stuck in the tree squirrels (lol) in the mouth, warning system?!


This is operated by WineryJonkershuis restaurant。With panoramic views of the majestic Constantia Valley and the peninsula、Situated inside the grootconstansyawainestert。 2005Opened in December, Malay-influenced Bistro、Are surrounded by ancient oak trees and legendary vineyards。 Guests can enjoy a meal overlooking False Bay or the patio under umbrellas to enjoy the outdoors!


The restaurant is warm colours、Charming spacious main restaurant can accommodate 80 people has become a space。Snacks or South Africa cuisine、Guests can enjoy such as Murray care。Marriage and wine in a winery restaurant is surely great I guess.


JARAT TOURS Jarrett tour one day guided sightseeing tour、Able to spend a great day very satisfied of going。It is also entirely、1And Marvin, who served as a driver during the day、It is thanks to Keiko, Japan English and the interpreter and guide us to one day! People with a really nice Cape Town! Thank you very much! Now、Cape Town day、5One introduces star resort!

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GROOT CONSTANTIA great Constantia


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