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South Africa Cape Town, to find out more、One&To ask only Cape Town Hotels、JARET TOURS Jarrett tour Japan language speaking guide I booked with one-day tourist。Pick-up car Mercedes e-class (maximum 2 people) per person per post。(ZAR、International currency code of the Republic of South Africa currency R RAND) hotel departure morning 9 am。The main wineries to visit Cape of good hope and history、Is scheduled for about 8 hours sightseeing tour!

Cape Point Tour
4Time 3000 ZAR 6 h 3, 250, 3500 ZAR ZAR 8 hours
Winelands Tour
4Time 3000 ZAR 6 h 3, 250, 3500 ZAR ZAR 8 hours
Best of Cape Tour
8Hours 3750 ZAR
City Tour
4Time 3000 ZAR
Whale Route Tour (seasonal)
8Hours 3750 ZAR
Wildflower Tour (seasonal)
8Hours 3750 ZAR


Are you the driver one day、Very gentlemanly of Marvin's。Since he cannot speak Japanese Japan、Japanese guide it to mediation of communication to you.


In the passenger seat Guide and I。Candies into chilled mineral water moistens the throat and skin-care products has been set back seat is very comfortable and enjoyable tour start!


Keiko's Japanese Guide、21Two years ago and moved to Cape Town from Japan、Has been the work of tourist guide。In Cape Town、Get the peace of mind somewhere in Japan after a long time to hear.。Now、The first went to tourist attractions、Malay quarter district。Here is、18Century、Ghetto people Muslims emigrated from Asia。Old buildings than other significant cultural materials.。Now、Colorful painted buildings, have attracted great attention as a tourist destination is。For more details in the articles here.


On the Atlantic side of the Cape Town heading further south along the sea from the waterfront、Beach resort-like Cup、Arrive in camps Bay。White sandy beaches continued、Main road running at about 100 m from the beach。On the road、Plenty of restaurants and cafés is the sequence、Seen a lot of cool relaxed people go to the beach。Not far from the city、Shared taxi or tour bus come、Tourists come here beaches you can enjoy easy。Homes in this area are、Set zone of wealthy people is a locality referred to in South Africa。In addition、More the young people near the beach or Club、Summer is very hot is a place filled with!


Next in line、Tour the Township。


And township、In South Africa under the former apartheid (segregation) policy、Black forced residential area set up around the city。1950Reflecting the year group area Act、Black residents live in urban areas、Township was forced to emigrate.。Even after the abolition of apartheid、Pointing to this compulsory residential area once、Generally uses the term Township。


Arrive at Cape Town tourist attractions in Hout Bey。And the Haut bei、In the Netherlands, wood.。17Century、In the colony to expand away from beginning。Fishing village is located south of 30-minute by bus from Cape Town City、Hout Bay (Haut bei)。Are lined with souvenir shop to sell more crafts to the port。In "come catch fishing-fish-fur"、Seals gather in the Harbor area。Excursions aboard the cruiser to the fur seals Duiker Island and head is so popular!


The neighborhood market、Bay Harbour Market Hout Bay ベイハーバーマーケット ハウトベイReferred to as。Arts and crafts and various food becomes complete.、Is a vibrant market.


It ran along the coast、Followed by a tourism while fully enjoying the views reflected in the front.


Roads are built along the steep cliffs of the coast of、Chapmans Peak drive。Rockfall prevention for embankment construction、Chapmans Peak drive was closed was opened 3 years ago。Along the driveway over the 9 km from Hout Bay in the Western Cape between the nordhoek views、That will be open to visitors to Cape Town residents and finally became.。Chapmans Peak drive、1922Opening of the year。Unchanged from that time、Its scenic wilderness spreads ago your eyes、Have been pleasing to the eyes of the people。On one side a steep mountain、Chapmans Peak、On the other hand in Hout Bay、And the magnificent Atlantic Ocean、The views of the road created a number of curves、Meets the beauty of words, words that can't。Along the driveway、Many view points are installed、Lookout is on top、You can safely take a photo。The driveway、Bicycle race major event in South Africa, "Cape Argus picking pay cycle tour" and "two Ocean Marathon (Two Oceans Marathon)" of is at the root。In addition to pass by car、You can also enjoy a picnic or hike、8From May to 11 June、Because you can watch whales and dolphins if you're lucky and nice。Also、Take a tour of the Cape Peninsula Cape of good hope and、Most tours through this driveway, and towards the Cape of good hope.。The Chapmans Peak drive toll、Passenger R28 (280 yen as Japan yen)。Bike is R18 (Japan Yen 180 yen)。Precipitation days、There seem to be closed。


Has arrivedCape point Cape of good hope。Vasco da Gama of Portugal、1497Is the famous Cape when discovered in the Indian Ocean route dubbed the "Cape of good hope"。The region of the Cape is the Cape of good hope、Overlooking the majestic Atlantic Ocean, still stands on the cutting edge is best.


Is located about 2 km East from the signboard of the Cape of good hope Observatory.


By cable car or on foot went to Cape point on the Summit、Weather permitting on views of Atlantic Ocean and the Cape of good hope、Because you can see the Indian Ocean is contrary to、1Wonder spot is possible whenever the two ocean view。Souvenir shop and Cafe、It is a lively place all has become a tourist attraction。Let us to introduce articles click here for details!


Next in line、Boulders Beach。Here you will、In southern Africa inhabit only African penguins can be seen。Body length is about 70 cm、Playing in the sea, or enters the nest is of exceptional loveliness。You can catch a glimpse of mother penguin chicks to protect.。Introduce by that State.


1814The town was the base of the British Navy in、Simon's town Navy also currently South Africa's largest town is called。Is now also a discernible atmosphere of the United Kingdom.


Located next to the large naval port、From the small port are parked a lot of yachts、Seals and dolphin encounter cruise operates on a regular basis.


1Is the final destination of the day sightseeing tours、Winery。And the beautiful port city of Cape Town on the southern tip of the Republic of South Africa、On the way South toward the Cape of good hope from there、There is old wine producing area of Constantia。The oldest in South Africa, a history of Winery。Grapes were first planted in Cape Town's 1655。Some claimed that Napoleon、Is bought up by France King Louis-Philippe also said.


WineryGROOT CONSTANTIA great ConstantiaThe fun also enjoy wine tastings、Prepare articles。From early in the morning tranquillity.、Best tours around the numerous tourist attractions、18At the time can return to the hotel and a very fulfilling day!

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