One&The Onle Cape Town South Africa into the first IKEA store NOBU knob


Pearl as a world renowned master chef、As for spread the Japanese culture around the World chef Nobu matsuhisa "NOBU knob" South Africa into the first IKEA store openedOne&Only Cape Town one&Only Cape TownIn theOfNOBU knob。Guests can enjoy a variety of authentic Japan and great cuisine weaves South Africa seafood & spices。


In the upper knob lounge、Carefully selected sake、Plum wine、In addition to beer in Japan、For that sake and shochu cocktails。


1On the floor、104-Seat dining area expands。


There are sushi bar lined with artisans。NOBU and Nobu's menu、Sushi、Tempura、Based on creative dishes such as sashimi and、Bento boxes, which use is so popular。This day's dinner、Chef NOBU and Nobu's Chef five dishes tasting course "OMAKASE CHEF's WINTER SPECIAL 5 COURSE TASTING MENU "R299.00(Japan Yen 2990 yen) ordered.。


Drinks are、order natural s.pellegrino San Pellegrino sparkling water。


"Boiled tuna Carpaccio style with yuzu soy '

Japanese Carpaccio-style finish with delicate aroma of yuzu citrus and olive oil blended with soy sauce。


"Fried fish

Khachbiki and deep fried、With horseradish sauce。



Teriyaki grilled chicken was the main。A table of other foreign residents、Grabbing the skewers for using chopsticks, eating sanpomichi.。That seems not to have permeated culture kaburi付ku skewers the acanto。


California roll 2

Tuna and salmon and avocado。Will be a handful to up-grade of the course?。Genuine sushi-loving Japanese not so familiar with California roll。In foreign countries、Very popular is。


"Passion fruit pudding with coconut milk sorbet

Thick and smooth、Very good sour passion fruit is directing the mellow Milky coconut milk sorbet。At this NOBU knobs、Currently only one Japanese chef and smilling、Could not unfortunately be met while on vacation in。

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