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Show "tilauracott Museum of Kapilvastu palace ruins excavated


Shakyamuni Buddha (Buddha)Small Shakyamuni since childhood until the age of 29 years "Kapilvastu (Kapilavastu) Kapila"The display of the exhibits were unearthed from the site of the Royal Palace"Tilauracott Museum, Tilaurakot"To! But the gate is installed "here is the Museum! "With eyes no doubt want to be like the State、A new Museum is under construction in little by little is developed!

"Kapilvastu (Kapilavastu) Kapila"On the map、Highlight point is 11 points.、A little away from the palace ruins (Gate 1) there!

At the Museum entrance、Admission fees1Those 20 rupees (Japan Yen JPY 21.4)Next、If you bring in cameras、Taking charge is additional.It takes。This delegation on behalf、And pay additional charge of only one camera to shoot the master、Taking in all of mobile and compact camera has stopped!

At the entrance of the hotel、Excavations and visit exhibit!

BC 1 ~2Pottery red clay that was used in the Sunga period of the century,、2-Kouchner dynasty in the 3rd century Terra-cotta pot、Late 3rd century-8th century grey pottery、We found there, including the historic old pottery!

Shakyamuni Buddha (Buddha)The statue, including、Hindu GodShiva Parvati (Shiva Parvati)AndVishnu (Visnu)、GarudaAnd the statue has been left!

0/8-12th centuryCiorcopani cave (Chokhopani Cave)From their pottery。

As well as、Ciorcopani cave (Chokhopani Cave)From teeth and jaw.、Skulls、Skeletons are coming out!

Here is、And only 2 small museum、We will watch and also takes in about 30 minutes!

Discover the eras of silver and copper coins!

Here is、0/3-was used between the 8th century silver coins!

The bronze animal statue、4tsu足 animals such as horses are often seen.

Current、It is currently constructing a new Museum!

When the Museum、For exactly reached the lunch break。Eat lunch restaurant guideNareshWho was looking for! This area is、Hard to find a decent restaurant and the、Were is locate the hotel!

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To the palace ruins of Shakyamuni Buddha spent 29 years 'Kapilavastu"! "Hotel Tilaurakot" opened in Nepal who had owned restaurants in Japan
To the palace ruins of Shakyamuni Buddha spent 29 years 'Kapilavastu"!
"Hotel Tilaurakot" opened in Nepal who had owned restaurants in Japan


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