To the palace ruins of Shakyamuni Buddha spent 29 years 'Kapilavastu"!

Become the birthplace of the Buddha "Lumbini Garden (Lumbini Garden)"After over、2In the morning of the day、Shakyamuni Buddha (Buddha)Small Shakyamuni since childhood until the age of 29 years "Kapilvastu (Kapilavastu) Kapila"To! Will earnestly stop horsing around and ran one way flag load (Hulaki Road)、27 km to the West from Lumbini.、Located approximately 45 minutes by carTilaUracott (Tilaurakot)In the head!

Kapilvastu (Kapilavastu) KapilaThe、Close to the present India-Nepal borderTilauracott (Tilaurakot)In the Centre。It was a small Kingdom of forgotten。The name of the first KingOCCAR CA, mukah (Okkāka mukha) Next、After the King andKing suddhodana (Śuddhodana)isMaya Queen (Māyā)Overgate、For a long time、Between the two children had no Prince of ShakyamuniGautama Siddhartha (Gautama Siddhartha)Gift, was born、AfterShakyamuni Buddha (Buddha)It is。

Current、Kapilvastu (Kapilavastu) KapilaTour、The controversy has happened in India and Nepal、As the Nepal side、Archaeologists various research based on、ThisTilauracott (Tilaurakot)Of the landInscribed as a world heritage siteIn order to seeUNESCO (UNESCO)"To apply for!

Is a village located near the entrance of Kapilvastu palace ruins、To be poor in Nepal、Thatched roof a mud wall houses a couple of hits like the small vent Windows。No work、Seems to live self-sufficient lives。

The machine gives cattle grazing、And manually control the roll cutter、A primitive mechanism inquiring delegation of the、Villagers have done!

Watch this smile from the poor lives vividly, you can!

In the small shops in the village、Mineral water or juice、You can find snacks。Shop Nepal、Given the snack is often hanging shelves。Potato chips and crackers line baby stars are many!

4 living in the settlements-a little girl about 5 years old、No alert、Closer to us, have been hand in hand! Understand that the English、He told us the nameAnamikaIf it is legit! My brother thoughtAnamikaChan,、Snacks in the delegation had neatly divides the brothers had.

So using well water in this village、GuideNareshSan's motherPremia (Premmaya)Just to serve the cold water, let me wash hands!

Kapilvastu palace ruins is not becoming tourist site、Has been kept in a natural forest、Missing route signs are especially。World Heritage registration was done、Will be again a little hand that。

GuideNaresh.、Shakyamuni Buddha (Buddha)Of from Lumbini, the birth、She told the history leading up to the childhood spent here and the priest!

Shakyamuni Buddha (Buddha)The、As a Prince of the Sakya tribe born in Lumbini "Siddhartha (Siddhartha)"And named。And from the motherMaya Queen (Māyā)The seven days later gave birth to the child but unfortunately passed away、Maya's sister,Mahaprajapati (Mahā-prajāpatī)And adoptive mother。Kapila in what sent life as a Prince without disabilities、16At the age of splabutta Princess.Yashordura PrincessChildren get married and。However,、Never be satisfied with ornate life at Court in the King Prince、29At the age of、Bud's curiosity to the outside world、Determined to become a practitioner、The horse can Tak 跨がり, would become a priest!

On the way、And managers of the facilities information、The delegation volunteered!

Wooden walkways to traverse site、Approximately 1-in about two hours at around!

Not maintained for、What map information。

"At the very least is mowing and talking in the delegation、The number of women with brooms collect fallen leaves、And have been pulling up the grass by hand。The grounds by hand weeding, and loss is not working、The hands of the Government is still ahead of。

The palace ruins and surrounded by mango forests、450 m East-West、500 m North-South and has a wide range、By the archaeological Department of Nepal、The castle's East Gate and West Gate、Walls and wells、Cisterns, etc、Excavations have been made、It is just a little part!

More on the life of King Kapila、7 m in height、I assumed was a solid wall of 3 m width!

Current、Remains a sight in those that can be、During the Kushan Empire in from 0/2 Sunga、PrinceGautama Siddhartha (Gautama Siddhartha)In tracing the remnants of the era are still below、Remained unexploited so!

Under the lime trees with 1 break。

These are decorated in Office will be five-colored prayer flags and prayer flag、Peace is blowing in the wind itself!

And pastured goats with collar also、During a leisurely walk through the ruins of a castle in。Very peaceful scenery is seen!

In Buddhist Tales "4 cruise departure (the monnshu one post)"By、Go out in the suburbs from four cardinal Castle gate、Just outside the gates of each、The elderly, sick, dead, who met、Look at the suffering that witness、Open up the eye for life、There is a legend that she decided to be a nun、In fact、AfterShakyamuni Buddha (Buddha)Where Prince and Monk、At the East Gate (Gate 6)、Altogether we have photos! Deep emotion of knowing I have!

From the site of the Royal Palace to further、Go barely paved!

The condition is not、Found a blooming Lotus pond!

From friends to facility managers who guide、Please I want take photos together and is、We make photo! My Buddha head is as popular in the Buddhist country.

To the other side of the palace ruins you for calling the Liceu、Is located just a few minutes by car"The Twin Stupas (Jori Stupa)"To go to the 御参ri!

"The Twin Stupas (Jori Stupa) twin pagodas"

The low round of the Maurya period shall be twoTwin pagodasThe、Gautama Siddhartha (Gautama Siddhartha)Parents of the Prince、King suddhodana (Śuddhodana)isMaya Queen (Māyā)The cremation site is!

Twin pagodasIn touch、Turning around, we have a 御参ri!

Tilauracott (Tilaurakot)The、ExcavationsKapilvastuThe fit for a Royal Citadel ruins that has been confirmed is、To refute this India archaeological studies Department、Keep claims "India region piplahow (Piplahwa) is in Kapilvastu.、That is the situation that had evolved to the international problem of、Way to resolve such as gaining hope!

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