World Heritage sites in Nepal ethnic music band "KUTUMBA" live.&Birthday party!

Pattern (patan)The "Durbar square (Durbar Square)"The improved"Mani keshav Narayan choke"be part of the Royal Palace、1997Was opened in the year "Patan Museum, Patan"In the、The other day、Sarangi players, seeKiran Nepali (Nepali Kiran)Let's belong to Nepal ethnic music band "KUTUMBA (cutumba)"The live"MAGIC OF MUSIC"-@PATAN MUSEUMWill be held in、All tour members pre-opening support! Live rates、1Those 400 rupees (Japan Yen in about 428 yen)And is exceptional!

"Patan Museum, Patan"The stage is installed in the courtyard、100The venue seats or more seats are available! Enter include Nepal television coverage、Within the venue filled with cameras on all sides orimasュ!

GuideNareshAnd it's classmate in "Patan City Hall"The Government membersVikarm Shaka (Bikram Shakya).、Nepal's most famous sarangi playerKiran Nepali (Nepali Kiran)Mr. key practicing! On this day、Bring system child and daughter, had come to cheer! Both father with WeGame、The daughter's dress very cute!

Members as it prepared on the stage、Our tour members、This big mission dared!

It's、In the oldest tour MemberSugiyama Noboru (Nbru Sugiyama)Mr. of "81Birthday"Here's、That to have a birthday party! Greeted your birthday on the tripSugiyamaIs going to be pleased、To raise a big birthday cake in advance、We will be a big celebration! It is affixed to the birthday cake、Candles with flowers is fire! At the same time and blow spark intense、To prepare on stage "KUTUMBA (cutumba)"From the、No surprise "Birthday song"And then sang presented for、Keep doingSugiyamaIs going on we have celebrations from heart healthy, so we very much enjoying life!

Patan MuseumThe has been the Director of theBepyn BazracharyaAnd it gave an interesting! We live started.、At the Museum seems to are planning various events!

Night began to sink, venue for 7 pm start、Become a packed auditorium、Many of the standing room only crowd, is a great success! Beside the venue、Prepared food stalls、Alcohol and food is freely available for purchase! With no roof garden、Comfortable style、You can also look at the night sky for romantic venue.

Medal play percussionPavitt maharjan (Pavit Maharjan)Mr. MC also、6Introduce the members! Newly-drumsRaju maharjan (Maharjkan Raju)San、Metal percussionSiddhartha maharjan (Siddhartha Maharjkan)San、FluteRubin Kumar Shrestha (Rubin Kumar Shrestha)San、The sarangiKiran Nepali (Nepali Kiran)San、The albedoArun manandhar (Arun Manandhar)!

Sarangi playerKiran Nepali (Nepali Kiran)Mr. a、"Sarangi (Sārkengī)"Set and stand、Played while standing up is cool and smart!

Red brick and decorated with colorful lighting、Starts the stage with bewitching images different from the atmosphere of the day!

It said the ethnic musical instruments、Sound makes you feel nostalgia somewhere warm to dust comparatively here! Including Nepal folk songs arranged in contemporary music、"KUTUMBA (cutumba)"The has been playing from the album songs、2Very cool songs!

Madame became friends while you are watching in the front row live、Sweden (Sweden)From one month in Nepal involved in long term stayBeret (Bertilsdotter Beret)Mr.! Hilarious and adorableBeretWith the、Love traveling and hit it off with comrade、In SwedenEsterfusnd (Serivces)To come! And received a nice teaser!

Ride on the rhythm, live show excitement!

And then! GuideNareshJust started dancing in the space in front of the stage!

When、Dance time starts to、To live music、To the elderly than to kids、Our audience is rising、Revelry! Hall was born in unity、Filled with enthusiasm、In full swing!

Cheerful bubblyNareshMs. but does say he was、By unexpectedly popped、"Nature here present." and feel、I have been tossing around the smile a lot! The people of Nepal、The Festival also included、Dancing in a place like this is compelling! Me too both ankles fault without、Certainly、First thing was dancing! I think next time we want revenge! (Lol)

In the end "KUTUMBA (cutumba)"The photo the members!
Dannyabird、 Delay comb Largo! (धँन्यवाद, धेरै खुशि लाग्यो) thank you! It is so much fun!

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