Kouri interest Ocean Tower emerald blue sea and Kouri Ohashi bridge with panoramic view

Kouri island(Kourijima) of the sea where you can enjoy stunning views from the 82 m "Kouri interest Ocean Tower(Kouri Ocean Tower) "to!

Here is、2013Tourist complex opened on December 11、The Observatory boasts views of the island's premier started.、Stunning views of the ocean view Café and restaurant、Island limited suites is the buzz shop、Place all at once, seashell Museum.

Buy the ticket vending machines at the entrance the entrance ticket per person 800 yen for adults!
Tickets、Japanese、English、Korea, 3 languages to choose from each、Choose a language in a motorized cart Guide announcements!

After the ticket purchase、Navigate to the cart station entrance、From the observation deck、Ride the electric carts running on automatic steering of no!
Electric cart、Includes Guide announcements features、Kouri islandThe introduce history and tourist attractions such as!


Go to the、Surrounded by Palm trees and subtropical plants, flowers, tropical garden with 7 minutes, slowly climbing up the Hill to the zig-zag、You can enjoy the views over the Kouri Island below!

On the way、Visit the exclusive film crew shooting point、Would you like posing the announcement signals to match!

Photo taken and printed out、Admission to the shop of the hotel is sold in 1000 yen.

1On the floor is "shell Museum (Shell Museum).、More than 1500 species were collected from around the world、110,000 points or more shells are on display、I've never seen unusual shells and、You can to enjoy close and brightly colored shellfish!

In the "deep sea corals in the bright pink color a store to showcase independent、To be surprised、Set to surpass 2 million circle stuff!

Beside the Museum、Dinnerware and accessories made of shells、Also you can purchase accessories such as "shell shop (Shell Shop)"、As a souvenir seashell lovers will appreciate it!
In the workshop、Provides hands-on, with stone and shell bracelet making!

And further、Kouri islandOf Kouri Island museum exhibiting the history and、As the cradle of mankind Okinawa Edition "Adam and Eve legend" you can learn the history of Kouri Island legend says!

2On the floor and 3rd floor、There is floor observation deck from indoors in the panorama and views! On the second floor、On the island as a parlor limited suites sourced that Kouri Island Specialty Suites based on pumpkin island and has been sold、While enjoying the unique Kouri Island limited suites、Were canoodling couples enjoying a magnificent view!

In addition、Up on the roof、Is the feeling of openness in Cardinal 360-degree panoramic ocean deck.、IslandsAndKouri islandConnecting andKouri Ohashi bridgeWhile、Over the Kouri advantage blue sea and sky!

On the sunny day、In the distance of the Okinawa main islandOgimi villageAndKunigami villageUntil you can see!

Deck tips in "the bells of happiness"、Visit Kouri island is called the "island of love"、It is better to ring this Bell!

1Return to floor、Passing the exit gate "shop & factory (Shop & Factory) "and、Kouri islandAnd island-specific Pekinese chinsuko introduction、Awamori, Okinawa's Ryukyu glass、OtherNakijin village now(Nakijinson) of the souvenirs on sale so、It would be nice to look for souvenirs!

To back electric trolley ride takes about 1-2 minutes、Oh that will be brought down to between!

Winter in Okinawa is often cloudy skies and I hear、But it was only a little bit、Blessed with a sunny day to peek behind the clouds blue sky、Ever-changing helpful to be healed Kouri advantage blue and look to change the hue. Kouri islandTo stop when、Kouri interest Ocean TowerTo recommend keeping up!

Kouri interest Ocean Tower (Kouri Ocean Tower)
Address:Okinawa Pref. kunigami-gun now back Nakijin village Kouri interest 538 Street
Hours of operation:9:00To 18:00(Last admission 17:30-
Closed on Mondays:Open all year round (in bad weather such as Typhoon temporary closure of)
Parking lot:Free 200 (part 1、Chapter 2、No. 3)

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