Thailand dishes served in the sister restaurant of the mango tree "mango Chile Thailand Cafe

Nepal's main street before the City Hall ofPLE chowk roadOf the blessed、Last year 2016 March new large shopping mall "Rubim-Mall (LABIM)"Restaurant"Mango Chile Thailand Cafe (Mango Chili Thai Cafe)"To! This is、Around the world "Coca restaurant (Coca Restaurant)" And "Mango tree (Mango Tree)"The franchise subsidiary"Excuisynu system (Exquisine System)"、2016/SeptemberThe restaurant opened in the rubim Mall and、Considering the market level、As a quick-service Cafe shop and no. 1 then success Malaysia Kuala Lumpur、In the following、Brand new to the stores in this Nepal.

Lit shopping mall shows a different face of the daytime atmosphere!

Authentic Thailand cuisine "Mango Chile Thailand Cafe (Mango Chili Thai Cafe)"。

Shop、On the wall depicting the Thailand food and pop with colorful illustrations、Is the casual combines with a natural wood.、With easy-to-use large numbers of people, such as group, as a couple or family.

Night of the day、While wrapped in a sense of accomplishment a hard stage 1 successfully、Everyone is a toast with beer!

"Gorkha (GORKHA)"Nepal's leading beer、Become a light tap、Feel the sweet taste!

While being in Nepal、Thai restaurant! Yet spicy links、Change the preference on this day、For selected more nice spices Thailand cooking、Worried of tripe.、Everyone was made reliable beer! That are used to travel abroad?、Physical fitness and energy together、A strong stomach there seems (laughs)

"Bok Choy stir-fry (Stir Fried Bok Choy)" 250 rupees (Japan Yen JPY 268)

While leaving the texture of the crunchy Bok Choy、Charm garlic, spicy、Soy sauce flavor is nice dish in Japanese!
In the volume 1 plate 2-3 servings to share while many will be、At a price of just amazingly helpful!

"Tofu Satay (Tofu Satay)" 175 rupees (Japan Yen JPY 187)

Fried bean curd was cut into dice、Served with peanut sauce、Thailand dishes of salty snacks is! Less guilt in bean curd、Very nice isoflavones.

"Deep fried spring rolls (Spring Rolls)" 200 rupees (Japan Yen JPY 214)

Using finely cut vegetables and mushrooms fried spring roll with、Will be in a chili sauce to your liking!

Spicychickenbasil (Spicy Chicken Basil) 450 rupees (Japan Yen approx. 480 JPY)

Minced chicken breast with spinach stir-fried with garlic、Holy Basil and the pepper and spicy dish! In Thailand、"Swish by gapao guy Sapp (Gai Phad Bai Gaprao Sap)"And says。Together with rice、In the "gapaolais" was a smash in Japan!

"Taiomlets (Thai Omelette). 175 crore (Japan Yen JPY 187)

The Thailand omelette "Kuai Jiao (Khai Jiao)"。In a fluffy egg dishes、Vegetables and chicken in a volume、Because good taste has been、Appetizers are great!

"Chengmai style Curry noodles (Chiang Mai Style Curry Noodle)' 340 rupees (Japan Yen JPY 364)

Chiang Mai's famous Curry noodles "Khao SOI (Khao Soi)"The、In Thailand we cook hooked one、Two kinds of fresh noodles and fried noodle noodles and thick Curry ramen! In chicken、And finish the main dish and、Spicy and addictive.

Green Curry (Green Curry) 500 rupees (Japan Yen JPY 535)

In Thailand、"Gancaovang (Kaeng Khiao Wan)"And say、Curry is Kaeng = juicy、Cao = Green、WAA = sweet green curry which means、RichTasteAnd, clemmie is dying、Taste the coconut milk will be hooked!

Fried (Fried Rice) 350 rupees (Japan Yen JPY 375)

Finish of the fried stomach and satisfied while、Too much o安 of the total amount of drinking, eating and shocked all of us! In a quickly eaten、To share and get together with、Very good restaurant!

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