Student advocates at the Asian restaurant pattern "GG Machaan" miracle!

Nepal is located in Lalitpur district of Asian food restaurant "Jeezy-Maureen (GG Machaan)"In to the late lunch! Nepal tour meals、In the morning breakfast in the pension is、For it except for lunch and dinner、Guide to ad-hoc by the day of theMaharjan Niles (Maharjan Naresh)Just select, please make a reservation!

Here is、Provides not only indoors but also outdoors terrace、Can host live stage and set up、Raw live events on a regular basis is the popular restaurant! The restaurant、Get relatively high class in the pattern、Tourists are often used as、GuideMaharjan Niles (Maharjan Naresh)Just let me know!

In the indoor air conditioner works、A toast with beer! Except for some guys to join the tour、You really drink you strong! Lunch、Dinner and be sure and say so to the、The beer and wine! "Eating well、Good laugh.、Good drinking、Good move! "This is the very、May be a longevity in your health!

Nepal beer、In the merged company and Carlsberg of Denmark's golkabrewery "TUBORG" And "Gorkha (GORKHA)"It is mainstream! Are offered by the glass with chilled beer in anything else! Spout in both light、Feel the sweet taste!

At bungamati village village children and laugh often、To walk in、Piccoli's belly! Food lined up in front of envisaging Munch at all! Here be the epitome of Nepal cuisine "Momo (MoMo)"Order! Peach、Particularly easy to many people pinch is great!

"Momo (MoMo)" 220 rupees (Japan Yen JPY 235)

This peach、Choose from either Buffalo (Buffalo) and chicken (Chicken)、Buffalo (Buffalo) is here! The jiggle chewy peach、10In pieces220RS (Japan Yen JPY 235)And cheap! Because it comes with a spicy sauce and Georgette (Jhol) says、If you like, our、It is very delicious! Shaped like a lion in、Doing dumplings shaped、"Steamed"、"Baked"、Peaches in the style of "fried" in various forms provided by the restaurant、Close to the presence of dumplings in Japan、It goes well with Japanese tongue!

Fried (Fried Rice) 350 rupees (Japan Yen JPY 375)

The Nepal、Because its neighbors China and India、I feel the impact of China and India cuisine。The fried rice here、Vegetables、chicken、To choose from in the mix、Will the mix! Long known as basmati, flip and the IndicaRice、Perfectly fried rice! With plenty of vegetables, colorful、With eggs and chicken、This is a delicious fried rice is delicious!

"Lijjat papad (Plain Papad) 2 pcs' 90 rupees (Japan yen and 96.Yen)

And papad、Ultra thin mainly made from beans and rice flour crackers! Helpful and spice and pepper、Because the salty、Its still delicious.、Fit with spicy yogurt sauce!

"Yakisoba (fried Noodles Stair)" 250 rupees (about 268 yen, Japan yen).

Noodles fried with vegetables and pasta noodles。Yakisoba in Japan is in Nepal、"Nepali (Chowmein)" say!

On this tour、I also have two erhu playerYumiko NaitoTo the teacher、Ethnic musical instruments of Nepal "Sarangi (Sārkengī)"To seeWant to touch! Want to learn English! Got to Japan, I want to return!"That is the mission、Ares's Guide had to ask in advance。When、Wonder woman and edge、Where's Niles classmates "Patan City Hall"The Government membersVikarm Shaka (Bikram Shakya).、Nepal's most famous sarangi playerKiran Nepali (Nepali Kiran)With that and my best friend、It is me calling him from the Music Studio is near the restaurant! Inspiring!

The history of sarangi、Due to the caste system in Nepal、Seems complex backgrounds that have been getting income for life walking playing sarangi Damai (wedding musicians) and gain (yugyo musicians) who are made to be。In the current、Sarangi player that worked as a preacher in one of the few traditional musical instrumentsKiran Nepali (Nepali Kiran)Mr. a、Raises the comrades、Ethnic music band "KUTUMBA (cutumba)"For as a Member、"And establish a position as a musician、Ethnic musical instruments of Nepal also spread to the world more and more in my dream!"And passion have spoke!

In fact、Kiran Mr. Lord unveils a Nepal ethnic instrument sarangi's sound! Unlike playing the sound of sarangi consists of 4 strings 2 strings of the erhu is different from、Instead of holding on chords、In the left claw tap side chords、Run the bow in your right hand in、Mind is incredibly feel-good nostalgia! "Sarangi",、Applying color to the sound that plays with you! Exactly what、Just like its name、Like someone gently speaks to、Heart almost gone is a wonderful world an instrument!

Sarangi player of NepalKiran Nepali (Nepali Kiran).、Of Japan erhuYumiko NaitoWith the teacher、Kyu Sakamoto "Muite on"To play in concert、This game's dream co-star! Soft and warm、Beautiful erhu timbre taste nostalgia somewhere to play the sarangi and a wistful tone sounded in the restaurant、That it became a great lunch!

Born through the NaReS and vikarm Mr. nice your edge! And Dr. Yumi "Strong wish is fulfilled if the mouth"And I was always talking、The realization of very worthwhile! What an unexpected encounter on the trip、I say the best part of the trip.

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