Enjoy breakfast leisurely in Provo City, trying to explore the nearby park!

On the first day in a calm street Provo (Provo)、That was still suffering from lack of sleep due to Jet lag (time difference)、Thanks to the blessed with a mild climate and weather wake up in the morning was pleasant!

Breakfast is、Bread began shopping in the grocery store and cut in half、Warmed in the oven after leaf vegetables and cheddar cheese、Breakfast ham using plenty of sand!

Orange juice、1Purchased in gallon (3.78 L) size and get a huge bottle! It is a yearning gallons! The coffee is、Know and love Japan even bringing the drip coffee contains classic beans beans, Japanese restaurant "bean or blend"、Enjoy the coffee in the U.S.、Enjoy the magnificent mountain scenery.

Where to stay、Is possible that marks the beginning of the best one day due to spend at breakfast time and relaxed mind.

When you are clean and breakfast Marys、You have to walk to nearby parks and streets to know am!

House lies just a few minutes walk from "Pioneer Park (Pioneer Park) "Is played the renewal in 2013、And new play equipment available to children、Lawn care is green is a very beautiful park。
1849Commemorative photo with the pioneers who pioneered the Provost in monument!

6March-October、Every week and being "farmer's market" held here on Saturday、Has become a place of recreation and relaxation for locals.

Lie on the grass、Then sunbathing and lounging! Dazzling sunlight!

Wide width、Is every sidewalk and spacious.、So many vehicle not Provo City suburbs、The richness of nature because the air is so clean and、Feel the peace both mentally and physically。
When you cross the road、Hold the PUSH BUTTON FOR the pillar was set up beside the crossing.、Wait for the light to change.、It does not change (lol) all of its life, but seems to be slow! Slow Living!

Blessed with the climate and weather that is easy to spend, waking up in the morning is comfortable!
Breakfast is an American breakfast sandwiched lettuce, cheddar cheese, ham in bread!
After breakfast we decided to explore the neighboring parks and the cityscape.
It is extremely nice to live here!

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