Refreshing drive and enjoy the "provocanion" mountains.

After enjoying a Mexi-Ranch、David Kasteler(David desigh)、Scenery surrounded by nature in the Provo (Provo) entertained!

Blessed with fine weather, this day became the driving、And running in Provo Canyon Road 189 Hwy、Just around the corner of the majestic provocan on not being overwhelmed by it!

Blessing of the mountain with the mountain see Bridal Veil Falls (Bridal Veil Falls)", too! Run along the Provo River, beautiful and pure、People who enjoy fishing too! On the way、Background music in the car、David rang (Ariana Grande) Ariana Grande favorite as the wake up song、In the lilting rhythm an exhilarating drive.

Stop along the way is installed in the Middle Park (Park)、Enjoy a peaceful time! From Vivian Park (ViVian Park)、In such wise South Fork road (South Folk Road)、To the big Springs Park (Big springs Park)! This lush Park、And parks to celebrate David's Favorites、To tell the truth's first date with his wife Michelle and told very significant and important place in the location of the first kiss!

For the Provo at the luxuriant Park、David every weekend enjoy picnic and trekking in the family is becoming habit! it is a beautiful family, a healthy dad!
In "Deer Creek State Park (Deer Creek State Park).、With spectacular views and a rich reservoir in the background in photo!
Lots of good memories! Thank you so much,David!

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