Salt Lake City Airport USA final day hotel shuttle ride to the airport!

This 4-star hotel in the heart of Salt Lake City, United StatesLittle America Hotel) "In the
On the last night of your stay in America,、Because it leaves in the morning before the morning sun rises because of the relation of the flight、I put my stuff in my suitcase.、Take a nap for just a few hours.。

This time the、You can stay at two of the city's leading hotels、I was able to spend a very fulfilling day!

Still waking up in the dim morning、Soak in the morning bath and get ready.。24At the front desk to support you in time、check out saying goodbye to gray hair madam。
Thank you very much for the hotel stay♪

About 15 minutes by car from salt lake city international airport from the hotel、Mr. Franco, the driver and concierge, will take you to the hotel.

To mr. Franco, who is very gentleman, "You are very charming! It is said that、Flattering but distracting、Finally, we took a photo

When i got into the pick-up car,、As a service from Chris Erickson, hotel manager of The Grand America Hotel、The refreshing staff arranged the black coffee of the awakening! This will blow away your drowsiness at once.

over a long period of time、Immersed in the aftermath of a fulfilling stay in the United States、Say good-bye to Mr. Franco at the airport entrance!

As if you were going.、Take a 2-hour domestic flight to San Francisco International Airport、Transfer to international flights、It's an eight-hour flight to Japan!

Immerse yourself in the movie on board、Enjoying 'Jack creature' starring Tom Cruise、The joy is that "Maserati- Maserati- Maserati" appeared.

Other "Inferno" and "Focus"、Julia.&Julie.、"Odyssey", etc.、As long as time permits, the movie will be all over the way.、It's Japan in no time! Everyone who helped you in the United States、Thank you very much! Until the day we meet again!

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