Little America Hotel rooms furnished in a renewal

This 4-star hotel in the heart of Salt Lake City, United StatesLittle America HotelWe will introduce two types of rooms of "Presidential Suites (167㎡)" and "Tower King (55㎡)" that I was indebted to this time!

Little America Hotel is now on 17 floors.、We have 850 rooms.、2We have been gradually renovating our guest rooms for about 10 years.。
This time the、Thank you for taking care of the renovated guest room!

"Presidential Suites(167㎡)" in room 1721 on the top floor、Living space and bedroom are separate、I boast a spaciousness。In the refreshing bedroom with Tiffany Blue cloth、A king-size bed with excellent cushioning、In addition, because the high-quality furniture of the bespoke which is unified in a warm beige system is installed、A time ♪ to be healed on a sofa with excellent comfort that wraps the body softly

In the marble bathroom、There is also a separate shower room and toilet、Take the strain of your trip by soaking in a relaxing bathtub。On the mirror side of the sink、Built-in monitor is installed、You can also watch TV while preparing!

This suite offers elegance, spaciousness and peace. ♪

Room 1219 "Tower King", the other room、It becomes a one-room type,、I arrange furniture in a wide balance in a horizontal space、There is also a sense of openness and usability is good!

The view from the window、The majestic Wasatch Mountains、You can enjoy the refreshing morning sun and fantastic sunset!

Pale blue color that inserts with accents in the space based on natural shades is also dressed as elegance、It's a very good impression. ♪

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