Tourist attraction "YuYuan" of Shanghai. Explore the traditional gardens of the Ming dynasty more than 400 years of history

Ming dynasty's elegant classical garden with pride over 400 years of history、Shanghai, known as the masterpieces of Jiangnan garden famous sightseeing spots "Yu Yuan garden(Yu Yuan) "to!

YuYuan garden is、In Sichuan administrative Commissioner of the ban Yun edges are to the father、1559(The 38th year of the Jiajing) from 18 years of 1577 (10,000-5 year) had a private garden in the Jiangnan style garden was built, spent、1961In public is the beginning.、1982Accredited national emphasis on cultural relics protection units, cultural heritage treasures of one of the cultural heritage protection system of the people's Republic of China in the years!

But now is the size of half of the time、Imitating the Ming and Qing buildings around a garden and reproduced、Yu Yuan garden Shangcheng our souvenir shop, commercial areas and advancing、Guests can enjoy dining, shopping and enjoy the atmosphere of the quaint original Chinese!

"Yu" is "rejoice"、"Fun"、"Peace and security"、She likes to "peace"、And the "Bund" means "fun Park"、The area boasts about 20000 m² in size!

Show me the taxi location、Yu garden Commerce Castle facing the Gate City enjoy araiyakushi Shanghai old city gate.

Is the red-painted House、Yu garden Commerce Castle is crowded with overflow、For a similar landscape will continue from where、A complex maze-like alleys。

First of all, go to the back、To the Yu Yuan garden entrance!

To the State class will visit Shanghai cuisine "green wave corridor Cafe"、Behind the tasteful classic garden corner、In the pond and koi and turtles swim、A zig-zag shape "ninth bridge" have been bridged!
The shape of the bridge、Easy overlooking the square、To enjoy the various landscapes by the angle and structure that is、Also、The meaning of evil spirits, often seen in Chinese garden bridge.

And thronged with people especially on the bridge、Can't stand still too much for、While you relax and enjoy the scenery without、No other forward to advance to the front、Occasionally、Photo moment came out of people! Cool fountains have been spraying in various places feels like!

At the Yu Yuan garden entrance、Entrance fees adults 1 person 30 (Japan Yen:Approximately 510 yen) and purchase a paid ticket、When exploring the classical gardens!

[Yu Yuan garden attractions]
(1) "Temple"
Temple to pray for a good harvest, named's taste is Shanghai's oldest buildings、Door decorations make it a must-see! Crafted of consisting of a wooden frame is also one of the characteristics of the Jiangnan Garden "rose window" is also beautifully insta shines the!

(2) "rikisha Hall.
Statues of Lions at the entrance、Park only iron lion。"Lake stone" limestone quarried in the Taihu Lake in the corridor and is equipped、Taihu-rocks the erosional hole is more complex than has been beautiful and。From the cloister of rikisha、2000t one of 14 m Wu, yellow Rock "somosomo mountain"!

(3) "thousand flower Tower"
From the building of 10,000 flowers had Kashin Pavilion of the Ming dynasty in、Watch "Holiday Inn Lake stone mountain" with Taihu-rocks!

(4) "Dragon walls"
Fascinated by the swell rises into the heavens along the walls are a powerful dragon statue!


(5) see point spring Hall.
Secret societies have responded to the Taiping stronghold point spring Hall、Now at the Museum!


(6) Pat no Uta-
Pat singing units will be elegant and elaborately-designed、At that time、Place the stage singing!


(7) "Japanese 煦 Temple.
Can't wait to see sculptures and furniture made of Banyan trees more than 200 years ago was on display inside the temple!

(8) "of Jing Lou"
And Yu Yuan Garden Center、Nestled on the shores of the pond of Jing Lou。Its name reflects means "beautiful scenery especially in the Yu Yuan garden place"。In the Yu garden、Enjoy the various forms provided with on the corridor gate in、"Moon Ryo gate' circle、Feel the depth, the taste!

(9) "may get the building.
Country estate on the shores of the pond、May get the building located in the heart of the meeting view tower。Once、Where ancient people gather for beholding the Moon full moon of the lunar calendar and projected into the pond!

(10) "Hua Yu Temple.
Where the study of Yu Yuan garden founder ban Yun!

(11) see jade gem "
Rock formations of Jiangnan 3 Lords stone one and the Taihu-rocks。Center stone is jade and gem is called、Lot of holes on all four sides by approximately 3.3 m high and is the best、Reportedly the name stone had collected Song dynasty emperor!

(12) "内園"
Small garden feature of the gardens of the Qing dynasty. Because with the building of the new Ming dynasty era、And other buildings differ in flavor!

Attempts to satisfy hungry after enjoying a garden stroll、To the South Xiang steamed bun restaurant guidebooks or Internet has become a hot topic!

Shanghai one in what has been a famous dumpling store、120Over the years also have、A matrix inevitable popular shop!

Hope chest line、1To go on the floor!

For the xiaolongbao is a box lot of 12 pieces、Bun size crab yellow irrigation 汤 Pao 1 20 Yuan (Japan Yen:About 340 yen) buy!
The very barbequing at his overflowing crab soup、Does it taste. (Wry smile)


1From the gate in the YuYuan garden old city walk into place、Enjoy window shopping, then walked a little 'street'、Up a little person, two people, tired feeling!

The sister of three-wheeled taxis stopped、Price negotiable!
Enjoy the town while running on wind-blown、The next destination "outside Nada" to!

YuYuan (Yu Yuan)
Location:Shanghai Xian Jin city 132 No.
Admission fee:Adults 1 person 30 (* July、8Moon、12January ~ March fee)
Hours of operation:8:45~ 16:20

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