Paradise rich in flowers of the four seasons with Clematis-no-oka art works

Located in Nagaizumi-Cho ashitaka in the mountains in belly ' flowers、Art、Food "became a concept、Nature and art that combines cultural complex "Clematis no oka | Clematis no Oka"The、Instead of just viewing the works of art in the Museum of fine arts、Bathrooms Clematis garden flowers of the seasons you can enjoy natural gardens、Enjoy a lush garden walks、In the premises、Italian cuisine Japan、And restaurants, such as Cafe、And the perfect place to spend holidays and relaxed mind、It will be our husband's favorite place!

Now "Clematis no oka"The、4March 22, (Saturday) ~ 11/30 (Thursday) to the、Was commemorated the 15th anniversary Memorial Exhibition "the tree of life-Tree of Life" also being held!

On this day、8/14And (Monday) in celebration of the birthday of the 41-year-old husband's dating、Decided to revisit here about two and a half years after。

And leave in time for lunch、No. 2 Tomei and exhilarating run、Arrived in the morning to。
It marked the beginning of fall、And the trees were still green and bright season、Body moisturized Maserati through the trees、Reflect the beautiful green。

Before the General counter ticket Center、2012, filled with love and hope artist Yayoi Kusama's work he met "flowers"!

The shop near the entrance to、Art and photography、Natural、Books for children、To handle the books such as art and design themes related to life "NOHARA BOOKS" started.、Ranges sold ornamental plants, such as gardening shops and grocery stores!

During the Obon period, it was、Without being caught in a traffic jam in restaurant booking for a little more arrived as soon as possible、Enjoy you time at the bookstore!

Now、Memorable birthday lunch to、Go to the "RISTORANTE PRIMAVERA (Primavera Ristorante)!

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