Sister hotel next to little America Hotel Grand America

Situated in the center of the United States of America Salt Lake City (Salt Lake City) five star hotel "Grand America Hotel (The Grand America Hotel) "Of the located right across from the" little America Hotel (Little America Hotel) "Also became a surprisingly、1952Founded in "Grand America Hotels & Resorts (Grand America Hotels & Resorts) "of be your own brand!

Both hotels have a good location right in front of the Courthouse station of trax Blue Line 701, which runs through Salt Lake City.、About 1.5 km from Temple Square、About 5km from University of Utah、It's about 12 km from the airport.、It is very useful!

I will take care of my stay in the United States at the Little America Hotel.。From Grand America, it's just across the road.、You can move just by crossing the crosswalk.、It's so easy!

The bellboy will carry your suitcase, so i'll leave it to you!

While explaining the hotel facilities to kari (Carey) of the front desk staff、Check-in!

On the site of a leisurely 10-acre building (about 12,000 tsubo),、Beautiful gardens and modern red brick buildings with seasonal flowers、The design and interior of the room depend on the type、Classic design unifies and provides an elegant atmosphere。

There are also a variety of dining options and indoor and outdoor pools、Jim、Business Center、There are also boutiques and other facilities!
It has a different atmosphere from the splendor of Grand America.、This one is very comfortable which was unified in the tone which gives off the calm ness in a classical taste、This is a nice 4-star hotel♪

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