Power spot will be strongest in Bangkok, Phra prom (Erawan shrine) enshrines the Lord Brahma!


Ploenchit road Phloen Chit RoadAndRajadamri Road RachadamriThe intersection、
The current 'Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok Hotel Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok Hotel"Ago the
In Hinduism, Temple、Known as the strongest power spots in Bangkok
"Thailand, Phra prom (Erawan shrine):ศาลท่านท้าวมหาพรหม โรงแรมเอราวัณ"。
1956 yearTo、At that time, under construction
It was built, and pray that through the construction of the Erawan hotel (now the Grand Hyatt Erawan)。
Here you will、And revered Hindu 3 ogami one tetrahedral God Brahma、
Work and romance、Health、Such relationships as、In achievement against the wishes of various highly reputed、
As well as the people of Thailand、Also in foreign countries will be featured in the media, and、
Weren't、Worshippers are very popular spots are。


We came here for、2015On July 1st.
Its only 1 1 / 2 months8-17Of the night、Considered a terrorist here when news had a blast threshold、
Startled and personnel of other countries so as to、Its feels、Wrapped in sorrow。
Not really bad, but、
I just sincerely pray for the repose of those who died。
On-site recovery work was done early in、19DayThe play resumed in the morning、
Visitors including many tourists with a dozen monks also visited、Prayers。
Future、We hope that this situation will not occur。


Adorned with many flowers、Is dedicated to the Hindu God "Brahma"。


People here have their wishes fulfilled the、To show gratitude to Lord Brahma、
It's coming again、Also the appearance of a "Temple", and asked the Thailand traditional dance dance watch more。
Everyone that visits、Temple is also serious about itself。


Thailand traditional dance performed by live music、A mysterious ambience that。


Dedicated elephant figurines were。


In the store I、
Floral tributes、Incense sticks、Candle, 25 THB (about 95 yen for Japan yen) purchased, except to。
We have sold flowers outside of your environment、It seems prevalent cases are sold at exorbitant prices。
We recommend you to buy in a shop environment too。
* The difference of the purchase price、Depends on the size and type of flowers。


Learn how to correct worship。
First of all the、2Take fire in places set up lights incense sticks。


Near the entrance in front of shrine to each face of the 4 left。


供emashou the incense stick elsewhere faces each into quarters.。


We offered terms each wreath is also。


Wish、I think it should be properly lined up, specifically to tell。
The dawn come true, I、I want a "shrine" and visited again!

Phra prom (Erawan shrine)
Thai:ศาลท่านท้าวมหาพรหม โรงแรมเอราวัณ

Location:494 Phloen Chit Rd, Lumphini, Pathum Wan, Bangkok, 10330

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