"Lahn Guyton pratunam" Bangkok's most famous Khao man GAI's real food!


Thailand food popular among "Khao man Gai (Thailand language:ข้าวมันไก่)"。
Put chicken boiled rice with Dashi broth boiled chicken and went on、It is food for the soul of Thailand over the sauce and eat。
Less fond of that easy-to-eat、Also one of the dishes fit the Japanese tongue。
In Bangkok、There are many edible Khao man Gai shop、
The most famous shop
Located in pratunam "Larne Guyton pratunam Raan Kaithong Pratunam"It is。
Everyone's clerk、From wearing a pink Polo Shirt "Pink Khao man Gai"And referred to as、
Local people started.、May be featured in travel guides、Tourists are also popular shopping。
In Bangkok's popular "Larne Guyton pratunam Raan Kaithong Pratunam"The、
Khao man Gai specializes in authentic Thailand stalls Cook "Guyton"As、
Now landed in Japan、 Tokyo、Osaka、Has deployed four stores in Fukuoka.。


Even though the State is open most hours from morning until midnight except a little time、
Always popular, is a thriving shop。
Breakfast time、Around noon、Evening、Dinner hours、For more people、Be prepared to line up in front of the shop。
Fast food is served here and、Our meal times are early for、Rotation of turnover is very fast、
Even if the matrix、You can ensure the seat within 10 minutes of。
Lined up in columns and、Invokes the clerk from the beginning, will guide you to a seat。
If the couple、1Seats 4 people-will be vacant seat for six。


Locals living near the、Often people can get crowded to the take-out at。
Here "Pink Khao man Gai"The close"Steamed green"Even there! (Lol)
Formal name、"Kwan hen Guyton pratunam"。
Here you will、So called because clerk wearing a green polo shirt。
"Steamed green"The1932Year Founded in、1960Year FoundedThe "Pink Khao man Gai"More would be established.、
Against the lie or the truth or green、And if you start wearing a pink polo shirt is pink become famous。
Who wants to watch eat both、Might be interesting to compare eating!


Shop、For the priority seating space、Such as storefront stalls was seen cooking in the place、
The smell of chicken were piled high are filled with storefront。


The menu is、Khao man Gai、Chicken 胗、Chicken liver (liver and gizzards)、Chicken thigh、Chicken breasts、Chicken wing (assortment of thigh and breast meat and chicken wings)、
Include the HK Chinese old duck bath (duck and mushroom soup)。
Drink、Kohler、Pepsi、And a tea、Are each 10 THB。
The clerk、Because there are more conversations in Thailand、By pointing to the menu, ordering at the touch。


"Khao man Gai (Thailand language:ข้าวมันไก่) "40 THB (Japan yen approximately 150 yen)
'Tea' 10 THB (Japan yen approximately 40 yen)

The "Khao man Gai.、In the southernmost tip of China and Hainan Island、In food has been popular in other Southeast Asian countries、
On top of rice cooked in chicken broth、Put the boiled chicken、Ask any sauce dish。
Carefully selected fresh chicken、To adjust the degree of fire、Finish and moisturize。
And put the original source、Unique flavor is spread.、It is quite painful。
And use in Thailand cuisine familiar fragrant jasmine rice.、
In that I cooked in chicken broth in boiling chicken、To flavor rice。
The original source、Miso in Thailand、Soy sauce、Mixed with black vinegar sauce、Is seeking a distinctive deep in ferment。
Ginger in garlic、Almost as though such as pepper flavor、There are a little sour。
Will be accompanied by also coming out with a steamed chicken broth soup "Nam CIM"。
Is there a simple dish、Original source and lighting help、
For different taste in boiled rice、Guests can taste different from the shop!

Larne Guyton pratunam Raan Kaithong Pratunam
(Pink Khao man GAI)
Address: Phetchaburi Road, Makkasan, Ratchathewi, Bangkok 10400 Thailand
TEL:+66 2 252 6325
Hours of operation:6:00-14:00、17:00~ 26:00

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