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Mahboonkrong Center MBK CENTER mobile and electronics shopping centre



BTS National Stadium STA. No.4 exit mega shopping center
"Mahboonkrong Center MBK CENTER"。
Approximately 2500 shops jostle to 89 000 m² of floor area in 8 floors above ground。
Equipped with a number of reasonably priced products、It is particularly rich mobile phone shop。
Appliances and furniture、Clothes、As even cheap shoes, including、Thailand locals and expats often visit
Is a department store in the familiar neighborhood shopping center。
6Souvenir shop-floor、Food Court featuring a varied menu is also very popular。
1On the floor、The founderMarr.BncronAnd it's bust has been established。
Here you will、Thailand young people together、I also said epicenter of Thai cultureNational Stadium stationThe area、
Will places like Akihabara in Japan!


From the passage of the BTS、MBK CENTERThe directly connected to 3F、3On the floor relatively large open dining。
MBK CENTERThe、"Starbucks Coffee STARBUCKS COFFEE"Of the rip-off stores!
"Starbucks coffee' (Laughs)


1-On the second floor、Fashion、Gadgets、Precious metals、
3From the floor、Fashion、Fashion accessories、In other precious metals、Cosmetics and supplements、Such as DVD、
And on the fourth floor、Candy、Mobile and mobile equipment、Electrical & electronics、SIM,、
5On the floor、Interior、Furniture、Camera、Bookstore、Restaurant、
6On the floor、Thai silk、Scarf、Asian grocery、Children's clothing、Sportswear、Small heart fashion accessories and other、
7On the floor is、And restaurants、Include cinema。


4On the floor is、Many smart phones and consumer electronics、
In Thailand if you buy for a SIM-free mobile phone、Would recommend for this is by far the most inexpensive and clean.


Mobile phone shop


Mobile phone parts shop


Mobile phone accessories shop


"N.a. p von Np phone"

And sale of mobile handsets、In selling cell phone accessories、
Will undertake the repair of mobile phone shop "N.a. p von Np phone"。


This time、During your stay in Chiang Mai、Dropped my iPhone and cracked the glass of the display surface for、
Haste、Internet in Thailand and are looking for a shop that can be repaired、
Overwhelmingly fast,、And shops you can repair thisMBK CENTERThe match did。
In fact、Owner,PON PonIs it on iPhone, and to negotiate a price
What! Cheap800THB (Japan Yen about 2960 yen)By now you can ask for repair! (Terrible)
If the repairs in Japan、Even cheaper10,000CircleSo it takes。
Do not bring it all the way to、Thailand stay or has been damaged in、
Here "N.a. p von Np phone"We recommend!


The shopkeeperPON PonWho to seeHow much time it takes?"And ask、
"You can wait here"With that! In Japan、The earliest half-storage is 1! (Surprise)
When、Immediately start to dismantle the iPhone handilyPON Pon!


Is it being dismantled in front of、It begs the curious to see for the first time!


Battered display surface in the fall had broken glass。


Remove the cover and splits


We will remove the small screw


To focus the work


Of what10: ~ 15 minutesThe time was that between completely replaced with new glass is perfect for me!


The shopkeeperPON PonSan、Thank you very much! (Thank you)
PON PonWith his wifeNUCHMr. a、It is possible in English conversation。
Friends waiting for repairNUCHMr. a、Very bright、Many thanks for caring, amiable girl!。
So a friend husband and wife of the shop、If I can help on the phone、
Right or wrong、"N.a. p von Np phone"To please!



In one corner of the map mobile Mart "N.a. p von Np phone"Is there。


5On the floor is、The camera shop、"Camera Center CAMERA CENTER"Even and、
Various camera bodies and lenses、Equipped with accessories, etc.。


Shop for Canon and Nikon


Lenses are abundantly


Tripod and other accessories are also available


5While walking through the floor、Finding the stalls selling sweets in Thailand!


Most popular candy in the stalls of Thailand "Khanom Bouin"。
The other day、"nahm", Similar to what I ate! (Lol)
Here you will1Sheet 10 THB (Japan yen approximately 40 yen)In the sale。
Next in line、Chidlom Station Chit Lom StationIs the introduction of the area.

Location:444 Phayathai Rd, Bangkok, Pathumwan 10330
Hours of operation:10:00To 22:00(Depending on the shop)
TEL:+66 2 620 9000

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