Cheap recommended! "Terry Tour" (1) To Taiwan's largest ceramic town, Hymn

Go to Taiwan、2Day eyes to Charter a taxi one day、Stretch your legs a little bit from Taipei, the journeys! The waiting time、Chen Wei good (Terry) Japan speak just for hotel guests come to pick you up、Novice Taiwan peace of mind!

He can read/write of Japan、From the book and the course content、Do with Facebook messages and LINE ago removing and、It is possible to respond。(Terry) goodness of Chen Wei got the taxi charters are already so many friends I introduce the、In his gentle, caring guide you satisfied is happy to receive!

On this day、(Terry) goodness of Chen Wei's of fellow taxi driver friends Kung trillion sentence (Kon) (65 years old) also accompanied by、Four friends is leaving!


Rates : 8Time to NT $ 4,000
Number of persons : Based on 4 names (up to 6 people available)
Matrix is a 4 person。
1People to increase NT $ 1000 added

* Depending on the course content may if required and fee, facility fee and Sky Lantern (lantern)。

How to book
Phone : 0987-888-861LINE ID : wei49

Taiwan's largest ceramic town "Yingge" on a high-speed ride from the city of Taipei:I'm going to Inger]!

Taiwan Highway Route 5 and、This time through the new Taipei City from Taipei City、3-High speed about 1 hour driving "Nightingale song (Yingge:Inger) "on arrival!

Redwoods pottery shop in a 15-minute walk from Yingge train station、Our porcelain city "Nightingale song old town"Next will be、For taxi can drop you off at the entrance of the old town、It is a great help when I take an elderly person with a weak lower back! Let's have Terry show you around the cityright♪

Since Taiwan and Japan as well as tea is famous、Taiwan tea leaves of your favorite gifts if、It would be nice to find tea in this city together!

It seems to become a pedestrian street on a holiday and a lot of tourists visit it.、Because it was a weekday on this day, there were almost no tourists, and i was able to walk leisurely.。

The Nightingale song old town back 100 or so ceramic shop、Utensils and dishes、It is filled with reasonably priced items, such as a chopstick rest! Because many types of tea and plate porcelain beauty temple, located in the old town centre is recommended。

100Lots of small plates, displayed in yen even more than reasonable prices! Is 10 TWD and why a low-price items!

There was pottery that was written "made in Japan", too.、Considering the price, it's probably not made in Japan(laughs)

Yingge old street City Centre is open to the 2/2015 Yingge radiant aesthetics Pavilion shopping mall!

Facility staff in art-pottery and Homewares、Lined with cafes and shops as、Is used as a resting place for strolling along the way much better。

Try with stalls selling fresh-baked shrimp crackers! in various flavor crackers with wasabi flavor is!

In the Nightingale song old town、At present, is organizing the "pottery"、"Old early kiln" and walked to the sign shop。

"Old early ' for character、"Tradition""old fashioned" it in the sense、Kiln time and is left intact to shop here、Has become a corridor leads to the pottery class in the stores back。

Artists will be on display in the corridors、Very nostalgic atmosphere has become a gallery。

Spacious tunnel kiln and pottery classroom。1 person 150 TWD on yosei here (Japan Yen:About 555 yen) in the ceramic experience。

The pottery produced in the own、Fired from the staff put the finishing touches、1Within months, will deliver to Japan!

Even to this day from Singapore have girls that are made to the floor。It is perfect for memories of travel experience!

While walking through the old city from a low range with a high-quality、Storefront design with modern、Gallery featuring tastes good "Tao Hua channel Arts Gallery THZ Gallery"Discovery!

Gallery & shop、And the two stores across the road、On the other hand, specializes in Japan artists writers。Allow for、Sorry cannot introduce the works of、"Nightingale song (Yingge:Inger) "to visit the when to go!

What was used to preserve the old rice pottery of this variety still at the store put on eye。And is written with Kanji "meets" always rice is met as the hope seems to have written! Goodness Chen Wei (Terry) it is familiar with the history you can also stroll along your study!

Some of the restaurants in Ying'o-gai、There was an interesting service that the container was able to take away!

Now、(Terry) goodness of Chen Wei got the taxi charters、Next to the city of Taiwan a beautiful sculpture-3 channel (Sanxia)!

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2018/4/16Yingge, Taiwan travel / taxi charters


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  1. Terry

    This pottery is really cheap, such as tea utensils and dishes.、Because i can buy a good thing at a cheap price by the idol.、It may be a fascinating place in The Old Town.。Lol
    If you like pottery, please stretch your legs and enjoy it here.。^_^


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