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"Mandarin Oriental Shanghai" after an elegant breakfast in walking along the riverside promenade


A luxury five-star hotel "Mandarin Oriental Pudong Shanghai (Mandarin Oriental Pudong, Shanghai) Shanghai Pudong sentence China Eastern "for views of Huangpu River view"Club Mandarin River view room (Club Mandarin River View Room)、1To indicate the beginning of the day with forth boat、Celebrate the morning calm!

After you have finished dressing、2In the prepared floor private club "Club Lounge (Club)"、A rich buffet breakfast will be semi order dishes carefully selected!

Even to this day I am the European system、Her husband and choice of Chinese、Enjoy the aligned in a gem!

Unleash the restless Club Lounge、1For the free service will be prepared according to hourly during the day snacks and beverages (including alcohol) is very useful!

After a leisurely meal、Getting to stroll around the hotel.、And go walking after dinner!

Perfect weather、Huang Pujiang River promenade is very refreshing cool breeze blows、Those who enjoy running and dog walking is apparent、Spend pleasant time!

And very good location、2 minute walk from the hotel.、3To enjoy this wonderful scenery within minutes、Is especially recommended for morning and evening walks!

Return to the hotel after exploring、I'd like to welcome tea is available in the front lobby Mandarin Oriental properties、Moisten dry throats! A refreshing original herbal teas jasmine green tea plus lemon and honey sugar、Good fragrance, body 染mi渡rimasu!

To ask the Director of Front Office Operations responsible for the front office and concierge desk Mike Chiang (蔣 heaven Australia) baggage、Was accompanied to your room!

He is very tall high、It is also close to 2 m if it hears it! My husband is 181 cm and high、And lined up alongside Mike、162My cm even the fathom comes not always height difference (laughs)

Mike is a very good young man、Reliance is young.、Boost are chatting about in Taipei of Taiwan、You could spend hours of fun!

Mandarin Oriental Pudong Shanghai
Mandarin Oriental Pudong Shanghai
Shanghai Pudong sentence China Eastern
Location:111 Pudong S Rd, Pudong Xinqu, Shanghai Shi, People's Republic of China 200120
TEL:+86 21 2082 9888

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"Yang Yi ting" Shanghai's one-star Michelin Chinese restaurant! 58 ° Grill lunch at French Grill Michelin star chefs
"Yang Yi ting" Shanghai's one-star Michelin Chinese restaurant!
58 ° Grill lunch at French Grill Michelin star chefs


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