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Hamamatsu shinkin Bank Bangkok representative office will help Thailand's overseas business expansion



BTSOfChit Lom LOM stationThan、Located within 5-minute walk from "ATHENEE TOWER Athens Tower"The、"Athens Bangkok Meridien PLAZA ATHENEE BANGKOKA A ROYAL MERIDIEN HOTEL Plaza' Common namePlaza atheneeThe located next to、Office Tower into various agencies from various countries.。Within a short walk、British Embassy, Embassy of Switzerland、Embassy of the United States、Embassy of PakistanSuch as and、Is a very quiet town.


"Hamamatsu shinkin Bank' Common name:The speedy expressMs. of 'Bangkok Representative Office"The、Click here19 floorTo2014On January 21.The first overseas base、ThailandOf the capitalBangkokA has been opened! Main duties include、Introduction to Thailand's recent economic trends, market trends, investment environment, such as local information gathering、Thailand local bank business partners in support、To respond to inquiries about the region、In overseas trading partners has been a strong support!


Director:Yoshida Hiroshi (yoshidayutaka)

Bangkok Representative OfficeThe Director, inYoshida Hiroshi (yoshidayutaka)Mr. a、To have been long involved in the overseas business、Using the experience、2015 yearOfASEAN economic integrationRefrain from、Logistics and information-intensiveThe core of South-East Asian hub cityTo and Bangkok has grown、“South East Asia offices”And positioning、Various companiesOverseas expansionThe help is。It is not limited to the operational、Including the problems of living in foreign countries、"Adviser"As for detailed support has been aimed at。ThailandNow、2000Since the 1980sThe income levels of ThailandRisingIn line with、Japanese two-wheel or four-wheel plantOfExpatIncreasing、In the future、Of finished vehicles and partsInternational supply baseMay become。At the same time、Food service industryThe development is significant、Of JapanMajor restaurant chainsMore advanced。Japanese food culture of Japan、UNESCO intangible cultural heritageRegistration after the evaluation in foreign countries is very high、Because of the life expectancy of the Japanese as a healthy food cultureThailand peopleThe very popular even among。As a result、CurrentBangkokNow、Many stores of Japan restaurant、In the world、Japan foods restaurant rateIt is becoming high street。Future、In ThailandOverseas business expansionAre you looking、Once、Hamamatsu shinkin BankSanBangkok Representative OfficeTo try consultation?。YoshidaSan、Thank you very much! I'll greetings also go to Thailand.

Hamamatsu shinkin Bank, Bangkok Representative Office
The Hamamatsu Shinkin Bank, Bangkok Representative Office

Location:19th Floor,1901, Athenee Tower,63 Wireless Road,Lumpini,Pathumwan,Bangkok 10330, Thailand
TEL:+66-(0)2-168-8303(Japan language OK)

Hamamatsu shinkin Bank

19th Floor,1901, Athenee Tower,63 Wireless Road,Lumpini,Pathumwan,Bangkok 10330, Thailand


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