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From the tomato company in the name of 'Ristorante Yagi



Have a lovely house in the vicinity of Sumiyoshi seirei Hamamatsu General Hospital on the stucco wall upholstery over Ivy。Here is the previous name had tomato company and、Yagi chef here's took their name YAGHI、Which is the wish "Ristorante Yagi YAGHI"The renamed last year 2011-July 25th、Feeling a new renewal OPEN was。At the parking lot、Yagi's affection for with herbs grown pour "Please forward parking" signs have。Filled with good moment of owner-chef-friendly glimpse one moment。


Shop、Stacked Brick and fireplace and a charming、Cork and affixed to the ceiling, the atmosphere is。In the basement、Be delicious wines selected in the wine cellar of Yagi's desire。You have not posted because the lunch menu was a little changed ago。On the new menu from the revamped all chef's Omakase in the、They come in small amounts is also "mini course Omakase 3800 Yen"、Decided to order the C course 4500 yen this time!

A course 1,890 yen (tax included)
Appetizers、Today's meat dishes、Or fish dish、Country-style bread、Home-made desserts、Coffee、Tea with lemon、Or espresso.

B course 2,520 yen (tax included)
Appetizers、Pasta of the day、Dish of meat or fish dish、Country-style bread、Home-made desserts、Coffee、Tea with lemon、Or espresso.

C course 4500 yen (including tax) (course of 3/4″ D course。Please choose a main dish)
Shaft、Assortment of appetizers with ham, etc.、Pasta of the day、Country-style bread、Main dish (Please choose from the à la carte)、Assortment of homemade desserts、Coffee、Tea with lemon、Or espresso.

D course 6,000 yen (tax included) ( is a standard amount of course choice of pasta and main dishes )
Shaft、The first appetizer (mostly with the seafood appetizers)、2 the second appetizer (with homemade ham, etc.、Is a meat and vegetable systems)、Pasta (Please choose from the à la carte)、Country-style bread、Main dish (Please choose from the à la carte)、Assortment of homemade desserts、Coffee、Tea with lemon、Or espresso.、2Types of homemade Petit Fours


Is worthy of early summer in fully submerged sticking out the Nice "mushroom pickles sour pickles sticking out!


Appetizers 'Used homemade ham, etc.Appetizer platter"

Homemade pork ham、Smoked duck breast、The mortadella sausage, 10 year aged balsamic sauce、NAS Tatum leaves、Hamamatsu industrial bamboo shoots with shrimp and squid、Green peas salad、Bamboo Roman style marinade、French caviar and smoked salmon in tomato sauce。Nice saltiness of ham、Has been trained and courteous even if it takes every single source。Is not in Nice 1 dish with wine?。Here you will、If you want to leave in a taxi and transfer agency customers、Wine price bottle for 1000 yen discount、Half bottles are 500 yen discount and service to make it so.


"Leaves of Salerno-style grape sauce.、In the Penne Rigate (short pasta).
(Young and tender grape leaves, use。A strange delicacy、Seasonal、Amount、Both are limited)

This time split second、Special Sauce really limited number only?。Grape leaves, frozen feel so blue and transformed into an elegant sauce、The Penne well 絡mimasu。We followed the bread is delicious.。The pasta here is、Naples suburb、In a town close to Pompei ruins and famous grangnano that、Traditional methods to protect and continue to manufacture denora, a Gentile, Thailand gragnanesi company products、While there are many great short pasta has been used。It does not provide a thin pasta such as spaghetti。Lunch times thoughts boiling in Italian where、While many use spaghetti or thin pasta、It is valuable!




Fish dish of the day "in the John Dory, draw the carrot mash anchovy and black olive sauce"

Draw the features that cloth was flaky and。And with home-made sauce with dory and so good!。Red beets can be caught in local waters has become with a sweet and sour sauce、Entrees just right!


"Sauteed lamb 10-year aged balsamic sauce and onion sauce of Anna"

Anna was rather invented source、Anna's ulterior thought Yagi try source it seems (laughs) but、This source、To convey their ulterior motive was how serious is delicious! Once you have made this sauce for myself、Or maybe you mean they love maybe! lamb also soft feel to extract from the bone!


"Homemade desserts Assorted"

Seto Inland Sea holiday island of lemon sorbet、Mascarpone and chocolate cake、Red cheek was on Blueberry、Home grown Mint、Ripening fruit cake with a rich chocolate sauce and caconibs。Will now aging fruitcakes、It's burned in October of last year to 寝kashita, deep rich flavor taste more! (Surprised) lemon sorbet is refreshing and cool sense of 堪rimasen! I felt the big home-grown Mint and fit for summer! Gentle sweet chocolate cake、Add also the acidity of the fruit in there and so delicious! Portion is small、One is the delicious assorted products through careful work Buri travel!



After Mr. Yagi "that red car is not on anymore? "And was。Previous Red Macé that had me mind。This time the、Alfa Romeo spider open, so we interviewed、It seems seemed strangely。Yagi seems like the car is、Could you have fun in the car of a bygone era while talk time。Now、I want to only hear at dinner.

Ristorante Yagi
Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku Sumiyoshi 2-30-8 TEL: 053-472-6825
Hours of operation 12:00-13:30 18:00-21:00 Closed on Mondays:Monday、Third Tuesday

Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku Sumiyoshi 2-30 -8

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Morning wake up with rice and sour pickled plump of kiln Cook Bruno GET on branch of the missing cycle boasts a history of over 100 years!
Morning wake up with rice and sour pickled plump of kiln Cook
Bruno GET on branch of the missing cycle boasts a history of over 100 years!


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