French courses part of the rides at Kouri island "restaurants Sith" comes from 第6感

France restaurant newly opened in 4/15/2018 in the northern part of Okinawa island, Kouri island "Restaurants 6(CIS) Restaurant SIX "in, and enjoy the ultimate French course! The latter part.

Rides at Kouri island "restaurants Sith" was born from the 第6感 French course part I

Here is、Last year until 2017 in Nagoya "France cuisine Chez Kosugi"、"Irreteteyunuhuwa (Il etait une fois) "as had been under France restaurant owner-chef Kosugi Hiroyuki (Hiroyuki Kosugi) wife,Kosugi Tae (Tae Kosugi)And it's moved to his parents ' home in Okinawa shop opened!

Shop、Chic, modern building full of restless、Shakes back and works of Ryukyu pine hanging from ceiling、Enhance the sense of the art of light and shadow white tablecloth in the shadow world of!

And ocean views from all seats and 16 seats Kouri Ohashi bridge、While watching the sky blue sky at dusk、Restaurants where you can spend a quiet moment and will be!

The course is、And only incose Kosugi chef's 18000 yen (service charge and tax)、1 plate 1 plate is available in a small potion、Special dinners will expand the 20 dish more bizarre Kosugi world open richly entertaining sensibility.

This time "Restaurants 6(CIS) Restaurant SIX "also、Uslade Gourmet & Hotel Web MagazineTo travel with the series to introduce your、Potter appeared as no. 1 project 'Wing Yue release (Gaku Shakunaga)"The sharp instrument boasts a simple stripped-down useless、Who participated in the planning part 2Shimoo, Kazuhiko (Kazuhiko Shimoo)San&Shimoo Saori (Saori Shimoo)Is it writer's unit "Shimoo Design"The symbolizing the beauty of Japan、To be reasonable and not forget the beautiful wood instruments and collaboration!

"Restaurants 6(CIS)"Now、1 serving of each dish every image to fit、A very unique instrument has been adopted、On this day, Kosugi chef、While watching the instrument brought us ' this is work I looked really real! "And me happy、Change part of the collaboration, the US!

[Restaurants 6(CIS) Restaurant SIX-Special Dinner ~]

< 14th dish > x <Gaku Syakunaga Gen dish >
Changes color in the light of rainbow-colored as well view is beautiful he shell be poured warm scallop soup、Clear color crystal clear golden color I feel the 発shi work! Fragrant with steaming the fish without salt, 仕上gere et has、It is carried to the body's marrow taste!

"Bachelet and Mono Saint-Aubin 1 erCru Ann Lemley 2015 (2015 Domaine Bachelet-Monnot Saint Aubin 1er Cru En Remilly).
Best Chardonnay translucent pale green Bachelet brothers is beautiful!

< 15th dish >
In vaioretcolor as a stunning vibrant particularly eye-catching platter、Incorporating marinated red onion Quiche a chrysanthemum and Travis、Flower of purple cauliflower slices and lippia、Served with red cabbage powder、Sense of together with solid gleam and glow!
Dough is crispy texture is horohoro、Travis bitter giving off the scent of a woman、This is a classy helseekish enjoy the sweetness of the vegetables!

< Dish 16 > × <Gaku Syakunaga Mars himawari:
This cauliflower Roti specialties Kosugi chef has been providing from previous Nagoya shop in one!
Fragrance at the moment placed on the tabletop stand too terrible!
This cauliflower pouring butter over and hour or so, go up baked in the oven、Because it's simple、Of good or bad so start by figuring out、Cooking available to wholesalers who provide、Use only the cauliflower were selected by the chef! By now、The purchases from the producers ' stable as it is became possible、It was going extremely in redo again initially tried trial many times many times!


I think not put strong this 1 dish、Before the dish is loved by regulars from the shop、During the "buckets than you want to eat! "And you request it!
Out of the oven, steaming hot in early cauliflower、Are provided with the misty steam、Eating one bite、And the surface Calipari、During the hokku (s) and bathroom and Rafah in the texture、Flocked with indescribable smell of butter flavor、Get into the habit of dangerous deliciousness! Capitalizing on the potential of the cauliflower 1 dish isn't it!

< 17th dish >
Is added to the fork as you put、Red radish Red! To be marinated in kalamansi vinegar、Contrary to the color appearance、That will reset the palate and taste!

< Bread >
In the city of Nago in the popular "Pancho GreenPANCHORI-NA) "From providing bread smell good buy!


< 18 dish > x <Gaku Syakunaga Gen thin pots >
Cardiff resemble a bird's nest with poached quail egg、Will be multiplied by the source of aromatic white truffles! Luxurious mouthful you taste!

< 19th dish >
Also before the numbering cookies infused with black truffle butter kept more stores!
Sandwich wrapping made high-quality black truffle butter、It is a dense piyoko and asparagus!
1We are the numbered pieces 1 piece、To tell the truth here、So well as represents the total number of customers that visit、Exactly! Engrave treasured memories continue to advance with history of the dish!
Of his wife's words said that we were served while also loving、"In my husband and I ate"-0"is、I counting with customers from there! ' and!
Commemorable、More information in our、In [08329] and [08330] Thank you! By revisiting the next、I would like to look forward to this numbering will be number one!

< 20 dish >
Micus's finish、Play chewy and juicier, the akaza shrimp flavor is strong、Wishes to smell fresh Berberine as overly influenced by the taste! Verveine the fresh herbs to pick by hand、Drawn to the smell、Brain refresh! Hand made wishes its aroma with rip-off akaza shrimp!

< 21 plate > x <Gaku Syakunaga Gen dish >
Salad du Li and rice salad!
Make organic pesticide-free vegetables of Gifu Prefecture "Ibuka farm"The strong pungent mustard and wasabi Greens and vegetables with plenty of hearty salad! With accent on the crunchy texture of carrot sheet、Noiseless Island Rice fragrant wild underneath your Pot-au-feu broth topped with porcini mushrooms and rice bran、The power obtained from the strength of vegetables、A dish that warms the stomach acidity of vinegar!

"Marsannay Rouge 2014 / Domaine Sylvain pataille (Domaine Sylvain Pataille / 2014 Marsannay Rouge Bourgogne).
Full of grace、Beurre blanc sauce fish next to a gentle sweetness and elegant Pinot Noir!

< 22 dish >
High-quality fish from Nagasaki Prefecture quest is、Because the feel and flavor of fish、You will enjoy the smell of concentrated butter beurre blanc sauce! Along with the three colors according to the stone color of the potato chips!

< 23 plates > x <Gaku Syakunaga Reversible Petri dish >
Boasting the Okinawa Churaumi pig said,、Savory roasted then marinated overnight with vegetables and herbs! Shrinking butter SOTER was served with spinach and celery (celeriac)、Enjoy with black garlic sauce! This beautiful pig really savory、Fat easily and have、I see you want to put classy frames! "And to tell you、"To soki Soba made my husband、I take this! "and secretly taught his wife! Soki Soba、Hope they keep in the back menu is (laughs)

Meat cooking 2 dishes first before、Scandinavian knives fit leather!
Here is、In prepared for the next duck "KELLAM Prowler (Ceram Prowler).、Handle natural wood antler (birch trees) and fit into the hands of tasteful、Blade length is about 7.5 cm、With 158 g weight is lighter than it looks、The slightly rounded blade、Special steel is used so the sharpness is excellent!

< No. 24 plates > x <Shimoo Design Floating plate-like >
The Rouen duck hybrids in the Rouen region of France was inhabited since ancient times、Cooking method for rake combined seedlvinegar with honey, cinnamon and other spices sauce baked on finish、The dry well resemble a bird's nest Palm!

Become a jujube-Berry compote and fermented Shima rakkyo good accents、And source tailored Kaffir lime duck jus、You will be served with truffle salt! Favorite Kosugi chef who rave "Shimoo Design"The round plate to fit! Gently feel the look of natural wood gently nestling birds nest、Very pleasant 1 dish.

The coffee is、"Home roasting coffee shop coffee of Toyohashi City"The bean coffee company!

Herbal teas、Relax tea tea and Curry call England in Nagoya (Chamomile、Peppermint、Linden、Rose、Orange flower、Lemon verbena、Lavender) the cancelled!

< 25 plates]
De Serres、Of his wife who is also responsible for、On the big ones and CHOY、Petits fours together provides six this time!

Of the two kinds of raspberry and hazelnut chocolate sauce、The stone depicting a U curve、So is in fact candle holders、Nice idea to arrange stuff still not cooking equipment!

A wooden jewelry box、Onto the coffee beans topped w/ coffee custard eclairs、It is not too sweet coffee custard Eclair of adults deciding factor!

White instruments、Fraises des Bois and flavorful tea jelly and mousse and refreshing。

Canele with plenty of brown sugar

Sweet crisp biscuit with seasonal yuzu。

Okinawa strange's wife got in along with Dragon fruit and mango cultivated father parted fruit!

After the meal、Strangely, spare Kosugi chef and his wife's will、Slow chat time! Now、In our regular and "Kinky" said Kosugi Chef makes、Was that why you dive into the world of French? And the various saga from the question、Posture facing the food and feelings.、In addition to the、16From the yondaime love met 20 years ago, two years years away、Wife of Mr. Kosugi chef cooking tripe gripped secures a marriage until of ultra private until the story develop、Lovely decorating 2 persons personality and adorable angels and precious time! How was coming to Okinawa!

Asleep and dreaming all the time thinking of food and said Kosugi chef、Love to cook in pure、Seem to have enjoyed cooking produces a 第6感 sensibility remains, not!


Filled with a warm welcome you to enjoy cooking in here all visitors at Kouri island two "Restaurants 6(CIS) Restaurant SIX "!
The shop's distinctive style provided more than 20 dishes at all times、What fabulous tongue while a delicate flavor is、The richness of expressive joined spice playful、Valuable new experience you can't get anywhere else I let you experience the store I think!

The next morningKouri islandThe、To me good luck peeped for a letup despite the、"Kouri islandThe blue of the sea, that's not what! "And from the heard、Also the sky sunny and clear at Kouri Island blue、And、I would want to come to meet dishes of the Sith! Everyone to Kouri Island Let & # 8217s; s go!!

Restaurant 6 (Sith)
Address:Okinawa Pref. kunigami County Kouri interest now Nakijin village 499-1.
Visit time:17:00~、19:30-(Select store hours upon booking)

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