Tourist spots from the natural rock of Kouri island became very popular in "heart lock charm on" storm

called the Island of God or the Island of Love、Attracting attention as a sacred place of the child treasure prayer and the sacred place of the marriageKouri island(Kourijima)、The commercial starring Arashi I- became the best tourist attraction in Kouri jima in Kikkake、It calls the topic as a power spot of lovers must-see "Heartlock Tine BeachGo to Heart Rock.Aqua car rentalLet's Go In Beetle

As the birthplace of humanity、The Okinawa version of "Adam and eve legend" is kourijima、It's also called Koijima.、It becomes a popular island as a power spot of lovers!

Such a thingKouri islandThe、At the entrance of the islandKouri interest Beach"And、"Tine BeachTokei Beach、Sounu Beach、Chigunu BeachThere are four beaches named、There are interesting shaped natural rocks!
"Pothole" of cylindrical hollow topography group in "Tokeihama" and、"Cave of the Beginning", which is said to have been the home of two okinawan versions of "Adam and eve legend" in Chigunu Beach.。It becomes the most famous natural rock among them.、In Tine BeachHeart Lock(Heart Rock)

Tine Beachthe rock protruding from the sea of the wave while changing its shape、naturally becomes an inverted triangle、Natural rock that looks heart-shaped!
found it in the local 'Imajin Village Tourism Association"'Heartlock Tine Beach"And named、Where it has been steadily being promoted to become a tourist attraction、2014A yearJAPAN AIRLINES (JAL)As a location of the "Beautiful Sea" volume of "Let's find Japan in the first place"、The idol group "Arashi" starred in theHeartlock Tine BeachThe name of the place rises explosively.、To the popular spot that attracts attention suddenly

Located in the north of Kouri IslandTine Beach"The、There is a lot of parking lots just before the beach.、Free、Paid (100 yen)、200Circle、300yen) and the price varies depending on the location! This time、Use the parking lot of 300 yen in front of the front!

Walk down the path from the place where the "Angel of The Heart" and the commemorative photo frame were installed、It takes about five minutes to get to Tine Beach!

on an unpaved decoboco road、On the gravel road where pebbles and other things roll、"Watch your feet!" Please be careful enough because it is also installed signs of]!

When i got down to the beach、Two rocks that pop out of the sea jump into your eyes!

Although the rock in the rear looks like a heart-shaped even if it is alone、By looking at these two rocks from an angle that overlaps one,、Bigger、You can worship a more beautiful heart-shaped rock!

"Tine BeachThe sandy beach of、"Kouri interest BeachUnlike the fine white sand of].、On a slightly yellowed sand、Coarse sand of large grains is characteristic!
The thickness of the sand is deep.、Because it is easy to take the foot、I need to be a little careful.、The sense that the foot becomes addicted with zubzub at the wave is unbearably a habit、It is drunk by the high wave and clothes are in the state of zub wet!

White and fine bubbles stand on the edge of the wave.、Dyed in two colors of emerald blue from emerald greenTine BeachBecause it is a very beautiful beach、As a tourist attraction、I think that a lot of tourists will come in the future.、I want to cherish this nature!

The sugar cane field on the hill greets the time of dusk while being healed by the sound which shakes in the wind! On a sunny day, the evening、Because it seems to be a fantastic sunset sky which cannot be thought of as the one of this world、The next time、I hope to be able to meet such a scenery!

The area around the island is about 8 km.、Become a small remote island in OkinawaKouri islandAround the drive of、The long and quiet atmosphere that nature weaves、It will be a recommended island where you can enjoy unparallelet sight!Kouri islandへLet’s go!!

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