Condos overlooking the "Ocean hills at Kouri island" Okinawa island and Kouri Ohashi bridge

Destination Okinawa Island (Okinawa Prefecture) Of the "Kouri island" 'Aqua car rental"The beetle is a small one and a half hour drive!

Race through sparkling emerald blue sea. "Kouri Ohashi bridge"The lies aheadNakijin village now(Nakijinson) onKouri island(Kourijima) is、In the Okinawa Islands、By car from the main island of Okinawa could cross and easy-to-access location、In recent years as a tourist attraction island of the topic.

This time、Visited Kouri island、2018France restaurant just opened on 15 April "Restaurants 6(CIS)"At the dinner was intended to、A stay at Kouri island、Condo resort and restaurant "Ocean hills Kouri (Kouri interest Ocean hills)(Ocean Hills KOURI) "with special collabo plan a visit!

"Ocean hills Kouri"The、Symbolizes the Okinawa traditional Okinawa red-tile roof and landmark、Most independent 4 buildings each with a different condo property type hotel all rooms have ocean view of Kouri island views!

In the courtyard、Dubai Kouri Ohashi bridge back to enjoy photo heart shaped photo frame、Suitable for one shot of the memories of the trip!

This time we will take care rooms、Deluxe twin room just last year was born in September, restaurant on the second floor in 2017 [star Jasmine (Jasmine Star)"!


From your room、Extend to the sparkling seaKouri Ohashi bridgeAnd sandy beach、Overlooking the Yacht Harbour、Du in the Ryukyu Islands alone dominated by rice with rich natural beauty, enjoy the panoramic sea clear and blue sky!

What to say、At the restaurant enjoying dinner until late、2Up on the floor、We are waiting for the right atmosphere! In fact "Restaurants 6(CIS)"Of course dinner、20And only one course dish plate number is provided、Would enjoy the meal slowly and 3-4 hours for、Late at night at the end of 嗜nnda alcohol for considering the move、There is a hotel restaurant is very welcome! Try enjoying your dinner!

The "star Jasmine"、44.79M² + terrace 7.5 m²、Couples who spend is next to comfortable, spacious and clean.、Living room of the full-length glass Windows boasts a superb view.。

An open bathroom with Jacuzzi overlooking the sea of healing time, quiet。

And、In-built spacious King bedroom、Feeling the wind in the Ryukyu Islands vacation!

Here you will、Only two times for check-in and check-out、In the room style just takes the keys to management staff、Two cottages at home like spending freedom is popular! Fill in the check-in sheet with room、Quick Guide in the room、Let's discuss how to do!

Here you will、A simple kitchen refrigerator and microwave、Electric Kettle、Be provided such as rice cookers、Cookware can be used freely on the kitchen shelf, crockery and glass、Can prepare simple meals for cutlery, such as standing、It is safe even for longer stays!

After enjoying the Jacuzzi overlooking the cobalt blue sea early in the morning、Using the "tropical mango" provided in the fridge as a welcome drink or capsule-type coffee maker、On the porch enjoying the leisurely morning、Scenic time thank you at the time of bliss!

Can be served as a Director of facilities management company "it bundles it co., Ltd.Hiroko Hirata (Yuko Hirata)Is it in you welcome and greeting to、Hirata-SanKurobe city, Toyama PrefectureThat has been settled in Okinawa born in! Including gap to warm Okinawa from Toyama in the snow、Immigration interest curious story we heard about! Anything、Facility owner itself is in with her husband out of Toyama、As soon as felt strange edge in Okinawa's believe it or not!

At Kouri Island, small island in the northern part of Okinawa、I think Okinawa vacation you can enjoy and relax!

Ocean hills Kouri (Ocean Hills KOURI)
Address:Okinawa Prefecture kunigami-gun now back Nakijin village-Kouri rights 509

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