Rides at Kouri island "restaurants Sith" was born from the 第6感 French course part I

In the northern part of Okinawa island,Kouri islandIn France restaurant has just opened in the 4/15/2018 "Restaurants 6(CIS) Restaurant SIX "in, and enjoy the ultimate French course! The first part will be!

French courses part of the rides at Kouri island "restaurants Sith" comes from 第6感

Here is、Last year until 2017 in Nagoya "France cuisine Chez Kosugi"、"Irreteteyunuhuwa (Il etait une fois) "as had been under France restaurant owner-chef Kosugi Hiroyuki (Hiroyuki Kosugi) wife,Kosugi Tae (Tae Kosugi)And it's moved to his parents ' home in Okinawa shop opened!

Shop、Chic, modern building full of restless、Shakes back and works of Ryukyu pine hanging from ceiling、Enhance the sense of the art of light and shadow white tablecloth in the shadow world of!

And ocean views from all seats and 16 seats Kouri Ohashi bridge、While watching the sky blue sky at dusk、Restaurants where you can spend a quiet moment and will be!

The course is、And only incose Kosugi chef's 18000 yen (service charge and tax)、1 plate 1 plate is available in a small potion、Special dinners will expand the 20 dish more bizarre Kosugi world open richly entertaining sensibility.

This time "Restaurants 6(CIS) Restaurant SIX "also、Uslade Gourmet & Hotel Web MagazineTo travel with the series to introduce your、Potter appeared as no. 1 project 'Wing Yue release (Gaku Shakunaga)"The sharp instrument boasts a simple stripped-down useless、Who participated in the planning part 2Shimoo, Kazuhiko (Kazuhiko Shimoo)San&Shimoo Saori (Saori Shimoo)Is it writer's unit "Shimoo Design"The symbolizing the beauty of Japan、In collaboration with (* sequel appeared in) with reasonable and don't forget the beautiful wood!

"Restaurants 6(CIS)"Now、1 serving of each dish every image to fit、A very unique instrument has been adopted、On this day, Kosugi chef、While watching the instrument brought us ' this is work I looked really real! "And me happy、Change part of the collaboration, the US!


In the course、Food fit Kosugi chefs pair to ask、In a rare Champagne "Bernard Perris Brut Blanc de-Blanc Grand Cru (the Cru Blanc de Blancs Bernard Pertois Champagne Grand Brut)"!

"... Is natural! "At least adorable characters can take his wife and artistic it's cheerful smile and cheerful talk and then exploded、Cook started being carried in the endearing while delicate liken to serve、Little tables becomes lively、Start eating fun!

[Restaurants 6(CIS) Restaurant SIX-Special Dinner ~]

< Welcome tea >
The welcome tea、Is olive brown with organic olive leaf in sweet felt、Moistening the mouth and the 湧ki立temasu appetite!

< 1 plates >
The excitement was also nice day、"Gurukun" Okinawa's fish and wooden objects on my HEA appeared, accompanied by stiffness and!
The texture and crunch of rice of rice tuile、They dried and fragrant vegetables。In very fresh nice fragrant vegetables for beauty and health、Stellaria media、Vicia、Carlucreson、Sorrel、Flower vine villages of Iwasaki、Viola and color matching to enrich、And in short order as a finger food、Feel the flavor of the rice with its rich flavor condensed flavor with drying KK tuile、Surrounded by fragrant vegetables fresh、Enjoy the flavor from the nose through the dish!

< Second dish >
As the globe source、In the confines of the spherification technique lobster consomme、Served with cauliflower mousse! The globe snapping and popping、Packed with rich Ocean bounty、Mouth Cup overflowing pool! To delight the soft smooth cauliflower mousse sweetness!

< Third dish >
With bright chrysanthemums yellow powder in the eyes、Is it kimiivash marinated radish wrapping made with yuzu citrus flavor dish、From elegant acidity and heads our whole fish nutrition, relishing the derived!

< Fourth dish >
On the chairs on the lawn with cuteness and、Ride like a cushion as pans fre、Iberico ham is a cushion cover! (Lol)

And、At the top of the building blocks of a colorful ball-shaped toys、The good news is that our local city Hamamatsu's three native minijaguaimo aged 8 months to those using、2Pieces are attached! In the hoc hoc minijaguaimo、Let me wrapping cloth crunchy carrots and black cabbage (carboronero), color and、Can be plucked by hand while play is a fun dish to playful!

White wine "Bourgogne Aligoté VV new oak barrels maturing 2016 Francois-game (Bourgogne Aligote Vieilles Vignes 2016 Francois Gay).
In addition to sweet and acid、Aligoté is the strength and delicate fruit taste excellent mineral balance!

< Fifth dish >
On the colorful tapioca、Served with raw tapioca and cassava beignets、Ginkgo nuts and tomatoes、Red cabbage sauerkraut、Wishes to feel the sour taste from the marinated beets, dried vegetable powder!

< Sixth dish >
Infused with charcoal finish round buckwheat Galette、And scallop Scallop and vegetable mousse hidden inside、Feeling the heat in the place du Jeu、Finger food to enjoy in one bite.

< 7th dish >
Parades carrying on a lawn chair pans fre、Cute size but was served! Here's the but in black cabbage with dried Octopus and kale vans! Because the size is really small、In one bite and his tastes keep!

< Dish of 8th >
2 items added to the buckwheat is、And the dish w/ marinated beets and river trout eggs to the cornet of the bamboo charcoal、Made wishes beats crumbs red shrimp beignets! The beignets、Will be accompanied by Okinawa shallot tartare and fennel flowers! Red beets、Bamboo charcoal black、Beautiful piece unified in the yellow of the egg with a simple color! Especially prominent red shrimp flavor!

< Ninth plate > x <Gaku Syakunaga Gen dish >
Royal luxury with scallops and abalone soup、Along with the finest caviar starlet! Prune and mouth melt and smooth texture Royal joined the pleasant saltiness、1 plate of bliss!

< 10 dish >
The abalone cooked moist and tender、Served with shiitake, Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan、Also I tried to click on a thin cake of powdered、Wrap the bird in Taiwan have been delicious with Okinawa vegetables! It is a different texture, aroma and flavor to enjoy 1 dish!

White wine "Alsace Pinot Blanc zelenberg 2015 Domaine Marc Tempe (Alsace Pinot Blanc Zellenberg / Domaine Marc Tempe).

< Plate 11"× <Gaku Syakunaga Gen dish >
The Hokkaido nemuro HUC venison Roti、Fit Granny Smith Green Apple-Red shiso marinated、It 寄ri添imasu adorable festivals! To Green Apple along with burning status of outstanding deer meat is a very refreshing finish!

< Plate 12 > × <Gaku Syakunaga Gen dish >
Here is the "banyan tree" of Okinawan-style!
Kosugi chef on things other than it applied to the instrument! Always in my head otherwise filled with cooking、What we have seen and see it、That can be used? "And making himself even seems to be entertained from beginning to end!

The dish resemble a MOSS ball, stick to stab root Chervil was wrapping the Ryukyu pine powder、On the stone properly boiled、Served with sour cream and alyssum flowers grupera leaf Cactus nutrient-rich dish!

Sake special junmai essence rice crane age male town x <Gaku Syakunaga Too much drinking cups >
Niigata Prefecture "Aoki Shuzo co., Ltd."Special junmaishu sake building"old crane"deep flavor and fruity.、Fit the next marinated mackerel!

< 13th dish >
Marinated mackerel finish blue core radish and lemon thyme, perilla oil served with a soft feeling! 〆 Mackerel with familiar flavor of the "old crane"、Dish and enjoy!

At this stage seems finally came up to half of course!
Finger food, started.、Continued good tempo appetizers small potions filled with exciting ideas、Still from here over the final improving, we will!

< Leading to the part:

Restaurant 6 (Sith)
Address:Okinawa Pref. kunigami County Kouri interest now Nakijin village 499-1.
Visit time:17:00~、19:30-(Select store hours upon booking)

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