"The Mandarin cake shop' world champion Chocolatier making chocolate


In the courtyard of the hotel "The Mandarin cake shop"Now、Stately splendor and various pastry becomes complete.、Sticking to cakes and homemade bread、Dessert、And in the world famousNetherlandsFrom Chocolatier inFrank khannoughtBy the hands of Mr.、Chocolate carefully finished, such as sort.、Eat in the courtyard terrace is available.


To shop in the store、It's immediately noticeable、A distinctive and colorful shades uncluttered wall original package box。This shades and variations to get heart comes the exciting moment。Take out the cake wish gift box、Cylinder type which seems to hold the hat box。Colorful shades、Purple / blue、Pink x Red、Blue / yellowAnd you can choose any combination、Ribbon colors can be selected.


Cake、Baked goods、Align with the rich chocolate cake。


Even just looking at the fun and beautiful cakes。1Cakes:NT $ 160 ~ 180 (Japan yen and then around 620 Yen to 700 yen)


Whole cakes:NT $ 1,500-1,800 (Japan yen and approximately 5,850 Yen to 7,020 yen)


1 tablet of chocolate and Praline:NT $ 80 (Japan yen and approximately 310 yen)
Macron 1 various:NT $ 90 (Japan yen and approximately 350 yen)
(Each requires separate gift box fee)


A variety of exquisite pastries、Artisan handmade bread


Croissant:NT $ 55 (Japan yen approximately 215 yen)、Danish:NT $ 80 (Yen Japan's roughly 310 yen), etc.


Jams in the original Mandarin as a gift


Pod Hemudu red heart 芭 Lok (pink guava and lime confiture) NT $ 350 (Japan yen and then around 1,370 yen)
In the brightly colored pink guava sweet-and-sour plus fresh lime。


The Mandarin cake shopThe Assistant Manager introduced.


A refreshing smile is an impressive Assistant ManagerJason Chu (Jason Chu:Rare Zhu ling)San


"Red heart 芭 Lok" macron 1 various:NT $ 90 (Japan yen and approximately 350 yen)
Cute, colorful macarons、Using the pink guava、Spread a refreshing flavor and moist texture、Very good acidity an exquisite taste!


"formosa Formosa" 1 Tablet:NT $ 80 (Japan yen and approximately 310 yen)
The lovely shape of semicircle、The image of pink guava、Pink guava Taipei original chocolate is great!


ColorfulOriginal gift boxIf present、Is sure to be pleased!
Now、Next in line、Mandarin Oriental TaipeiAnd I of staff I of introduction!

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Mandarin Oriental Taipei
Location:158 Dunhua North Road, Taipei 10548, Taiwan (10548-Taipei dunhua North Road 158-go)
TEL:+886 2 2715 6888

The Mandarin cake shop
Hours of operation:8:00-21:00(Moon-Earth)、8:00-19:00(Day、Public holidays)


Mandarin Oriental Taipei special
Please see the menu here!

8Regal building, built European-style looks good、Color of the East and the West、An elegant design that combines tradition and modern rooms boast of Taipei's largest。In the staff、Recommended hotels can stay here in the!

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