Wenzhou University 餛 飩 fresh handmade dumplings and soup are delicious Taiwan local food


Wonton specializes in signs throughout Taiwan come across "Wen Zhou great 餛 飩 (wenzhowderfntun)"Mr.。Local people eating local food.、The wonton soup was very light and tasty and fresh at reasonable prices only、Just when to recommend shops。In Japan,"Wonton"The"Won ton"And write、In the Chinese language、"餛 飩" (hunting)And records、In JapanUdon noodlesThe Kanji。And how the restaurant is crowded with local people、We gave in to the temptation of the splendid circumnavigate sister wrap a wonton in the storefront, you enter the store.


Shop、Is the staff.、2Seater table seats four and family, large tables have 1 seat。Early rotation like ramen.


Staff at the storefront quickly wrap a wonton sister ' appearances。
Bring the uncooked wonton are available!


The menu is、Japan very helpful and。
Types of small dishes as there are、NT $ 25 (Japan Yen around 98 yen) in
Wan Tan noodle isNT $ 50-90 (Yen Japan approximately 195 Yen to 350 yen)Is very reasonable!


Wenzhou University 餛 飩 Yu NT $ 55 (Japan yen approximately 215 yen)
So was chastened noodles too much lack of texture of Taiwan、I ordered the wonton soup without noodles!
ISO Nori with thin、And take a leek、Smells good。Be delicious in appearance and flavor it can be concluded。
Offers the pulp texture of thick wonton、The soup was very light and、I can't believe my stomach with delicious!


Hemp sauce red oil fried hand NT $ 55 (Japan yen approximately 215 yen)
Hemp sauce with sesame sauce、Red oil is like in a spicy Chili oil.、Fried hand means Breeze 4 wontons。
Boxcutter will be large wonton Sesame flavor and spicy sauce!
Soup but not so no sauce is a slightly darker flavor、Opens up the flavor of a juicier pork wonton is very tasty!
Not our noodles、So not sorry about that (laughs)
Wonton and soup、Taste, Aere、I think taste like Japanese.

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Wenzhou wontons
Address:Nanjing East Road, Zhongshan, Taipei Taiwan further 58 號 TEL:02-2561-5753
Japan language menu with

Taiwan Taipei Nakayama, Nanjing East Road further 58 No.

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