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Known for depicting the masters Emile Galle Art Nouveau art glass bottle decorating elegant Anemone flowers 'Perrier-jouet Belle Epoque"The share in Japan the world。

So beautiful bottle design is called Fleur de Champagne (Champagne China)、100In % Grand Cru vineyards、In the District Court de Blanc, Chardonnay and、Pinot Noir in the Montagne de Reims、Using the Vallée de Marne District Pinot Meunier。Beautiful sparkle golden colour and a delicate foam rising、Peach and white flowers、Rich yet delicate aroma。Light and fresh、Elegant taste is spreading.、Structure and we hope an exquisite balance of acidity、Harmony and elegance located。A perfect balance between pride.、This is just champagne and while the works of art in。


Perrier-jouet's third President、The first half of the 19th century lived Henry Galice,、Known as the Belle Epoque (beautiful era)、The most glamorous era of Paris。During such、Galice said to ask friends in Emir garage design of the bottle.。However,、Garage and it died without seeing the finished bottle、By the outbreak of the first world war、This bottle will be forgotten.。From 1964, 60 years after the death of garage、From then-President accidentally discovered a bottle of sleeping in the back of the cellar floors。

Being impressed by its delicate beauty、Suitable for bottle Chardonnay-based special cuvée、Determined to build the best champagne。New vintage champagne would make a comeback as "Belle Epoque"。And、5In 1969 a new champagne was completed through the ripening period of the year。The champagne、Named after the most glamorous era of Paris living in garage、”Belle Epoque (beautiful good period)”Was named。The art of champagne was made with great care、To taste from the beauty of the bottle design、At once became popular、Have loved to celebrities around the world。A world of wonderful champagne Belle Epoque intact、By skilful artisan glass technology and flexible inspiration、Flower base to produce a graceful when you not only one in the world was born。If your、Love what flowers decorate the vase filled with beautiful presence in。To approach the guest、In the living room bathed in the warm sunshine、Dedicated to the family dining table、I'm sure each scene in spectacular you will decorate in the colors。
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