Renewed "hamanako Royal Hotel" in French lunch.


2010Since 7/2012 between Japan seen from Oriental theme some renewal was "Hamanako Royal Hotel"。As a Manager here、4Than a month headquarters back from Osaka University and Sumo、With Brook daizaburo "welcome home" on we went to a dinner party。




Entrance lobby with Oriental atmosphere the image of Bali Indonesia、In addition to sprucing up the bath area。A great new space immediately big CHAN to and guided by the、On the front of the bath、Also very nice treatments, reflexology and delicate relaxation room。Would be the perfect place to relax after。After the guests have witnessed、French top-floor "Sky restaurant bombosur"Mr. to。Being on the top floor、You give France cuisine while overlooking the scenic Lake Hamana is happy。


Last year our wedding feast ru of the reunion and I ended、Smooth start conversation because it had been a catch up on Facebook、And holding meetings to report while leisurely eating now。In the contest of young people today are being held within the Royal Group、This time in the final round the remaining fine is because sous chef won the Mr.Tanaka Kazumi cuisine where you can enjoy。


First of all, a toast with Veuve Clicquot champagne in France。
And moisten the throat bite、Previous big Chan started the story of Beppu was left to the Manager。Last year、In the bridal business launched in Beppu hot spring "suginoi hotel"。The newly renovated Chapel and banquet to、Turns out that construction was at around 50 years growing up to 800 pairs Charlotte Rampling。As the tagline for the Cedar Yukino Inoue "Oita's wedding is too high! "Weapons、Low rates for basic package、Referred to in CM and sexy ads is connected to main draw。With the success of the wedding plan、Buzz buffets with low fee and accommodation、Now occupancy rate as has made achievements in。From the flow of such a story、Now buzz-packed dinner party ushered in the Hamamatsu bridal business and future prospects。


"Onion quiche、The eel sushi.
Feel the sweet onion and use with plenty of、A gorgeous gold dress。If in the Lake Hamana in bite-sized eel sushi、It seems pleasing to visitors。


"Firefly squid of yolk vinegar"
Speaking of Firefly squid Toyama、My home is Toyama。This uses a kimizu sauce and、Taste of good French staff because seems to have incorporated elderly people.。


"The Itokenaayu along with the tomato fondue"
In the fondue Frits sweetfish not only now enjoying the contrast between red and green。




"Fuji cherry trout trout caviar, served with horseradish sauce、Carpaccio.
Body color is a stunning Orange-tinged pink、There was no habit of flavor, refreshing。Horse-radish sauce accented。


"Years burdock soup、Asparagus hollandaise sauce.
Years burdock because burdock characteristic of even less hagumi、A mellow taste。Rich texture with even small quantities can be。Speaking of white asparagus and hollandaise sauce。Thick egg yolk、Sour as good finish。


"Oh Bon Climat Chardonnay 2009 Espoir"
Click here Chardonnay in Santa Barbara California United States。And the "Espoir" in France, is in the name of "hope" limited edition cuvée、Cross depicted on the label.、This time、Great Celebration and reunion of the us, with a new hope... and、Is a selection of refined by Executive sommelier also won the sommelier contest in the Group 北氏, Naoya。The scent of citrus fruit and refreshing acidity and balance。It is a feel and flavor white。The wine look delicate maker, professional wrestler like that 北氏 story was interesting.。


"Zucchini flower fish mousse spread cabbage puree、Grilled scampi with vegetables in Hamamatsu.
Good colorful Zucchini blossoms and bulging、While fish and vegetable omelet to fluffy mousse whipped cream。Be enjoyed in turmeric sauce onions and Leek sauce。Kogomi frit and spring cabbage、As the buds、Tasty seasonal vegetables。


"Romanov style of raspberry and strawberry"
And Romanov、For dessert the Tsar of the Romanov Dynasty in Russia、Dessert put whipped cream strawberries with sake。Here is to enjoy the sour raspberry and sweet Strawberry served with Sorbet。




"Dessert buffet"
Mango、Soufflé、Banana and strawberry、PEAR and caramel、Rose and apricot、Passion fruit、Chocolate coffee、Mandarin orange、Orange tart、Earl Grey。Guests can enjoy a dessert buffet 10 species of colourful cake as you like。


Fruit mousse and soufflé、Tart, chocolate。


"Herbal tea, lemon grass"
Manager of fine herbs grow in the garden of the hotel itself、Pick me freshly with fresh lemon grass is、Smells fresh and soothing mood drifting。As the benefits of Lemongrass tea、Blood circulation promotion、Recovery from fatigue、Increase appetite、Include indigestion。Today、Was the sous chef recommended courses、Now with bombosur's、Summer lunch menu 3500 Yen is also timely as the course is so good。How to forget the time meals in the spacious、Over time it is between。Dai-CHAN、Thank you for your valuable time.

Hamanako Royal Hotel
Hamamatsu-Shi Nishi-Ku, yuto-Cho Yamazaki 4396-1 TEL:053-592-2222

Hamamatsu-Shi Nishi-Ku, yuto-Cho Yamazaki 4396-1

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