I wanted to meet mother's bashful smile、Give something for mother's day


Bashful's sixtieth birthday too、"I guess the lucky person" and ruffled and wrinkles、Said shy。
It was after last year's mother's day gift event。

Gray hair increases each year with eyes、A look at a mother's face、"An aged!" and I think to myself。
Spend labor day with standing work、While socializing and troubled knee bomb today show laughing haha。
It's Petite mother back over nearly、I was in elementary school、
Similar to the tall father?、Is my back patted my head's about to have grown、
As they wonder and many years have passed, the stick height difference、Existence of a mother feels great in。
While chased by self-employed mother busy、Children love or don't care one day goes by。
Is was so obedient to 受ke止mereru、At any time from what would have been。
Of gratitude, to present a gift to mother、I'm sure would be from around。
So、Like the clean feeling when presented a caricature of my mother at an early age、
That honestly grateful "thank you" put your feelings。

Now, too soon 'Mother's day"Come。
Come, give thanks for every day。
Merely、Bashful adorable smiling mother's echo、I find the gifts from the heart。
And I'm happy to、Haha I feel like two people rose by。
2Your mother's face、Deliver non-fragrant comfort and forced gratitude。

Collaboration of incense and incense

4/13(Sat) ~ 4 / 21 ( Sun ) 11:00-20:00

Dr.Vranjes x flower arrangements [HANANOMICHI / Mizuno road]
CENTO COSE sponsored three collaborative events。
Loved Florence rich culture and then around the world
New fragrances Dr.Vranjes 4 species emerge
Limited Edition 20 Apple liquor aroma ' CALVADO & # 8217s; S ' started
Select your favorite scents from all 32 species。
New ' CALVADO & # 8217s; S ' for the、World's first CENTO COSE
100 ml bottle became available as special order。
As a flower GIFT BOX perfect gift
Usually sold at 8400 yen → limited time special price 5250 yen。
( mother's day limited edition book-shipping-friendly )

Kakegawa-Shi Minami 2-7-1 Nakamura Bldg. 2F


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