"Sunny Café" is an old private house café that has been built for more than 100 years! An afternoon listening to fragrant coffee and famous jazz

As a good old townscape in the Yokosuka district of Kakegawa City、Now, though,、Go to "Sunny Kafu" standing quietly along the windy Tonjo Yokosuka Road!

"There's only coffee and music here.、Between everyday and extraordinary"、In a 100-year-old private house that was breathed with the thoughts of seiko Ota, the owner、The speaker who should have slept quietly while ticking the time of half a century、As if looking forward to it, I greeted the famous jazz board and played a sound、On October 20, 2020, the café "Harukafu" opens comfortably chopping time and sound with the scent of coffee that can be stored!

I tried my favorite car Maserati as a patsy at the same angle that the Citroen DS that decorated Insta gorgeously with a car-drawn shot was reflected、A classic car looks better in an old private house.。

When you open the sliding door of the glass which makes a nostalgic sound with carahara、A lilicism tone gently blends into the ear、Inside the store where you can relax with the scent of freshly ground coffee。

Three round tables are prepared、Because it is placed at a leisurely interval、It is also luxurious to enjoy like a private space。

Wall-mounted hand-ground coffee mill and analog records。

The shelves are lined with old records.、Just looking at the jacket will make you enjoy it!

From the collection of New York brand Tom Browne handled by Kakegawa's Cento COSE CO., LTD.、A unique check × the whole body with a set-up suit of the check、Create a stylish atmosphere!

The dipping of flower arrangements that are regularly replaced、Fukuroi's "Nari HanaClub" is in charge、Add seasonal colors。

Because it will be changed to Christmas specifications directly、It will be a costume that you can enjoy there♪

1964McIntosh's vacuum tube pre-main amplifier and speakers, which were released in 2008, reveal their presence.。

On this day, on the speaker、With "Portrait in Jazz" by his beloved Bill Evans、"Circle Waltz" by Don Friedman, described as his favorite enemy、2The records of two famous jazz pianists line up shoulder to shoulder、I was able to enjoy listening and comparing!

"BLUE NOTE BLP 1500SERIES BEST JACKET30" is hung on the wall.、All of them are familiar name boards! It's like a selection of my house (laughs)

The café's menu is easy to understand、Simple。
Only sweets for the day's recommended coffee and Japanese tea。

Freshly brewed freshly brewed coffee、Fukuroi's home-roasted coffee bean shop "Mameya-guchi" is produced、On Tuesdays, "Mmeya-yafu" is closed.、Hama-chan, Hamakoji Nintoku and his wife, Ayami Hamakoji, stand、It is very valuable that you can get coffee that Hama-chan brews。

Blister and Japanese restaurant

"This、Recommended! It's designed so that the hand comes in a good way.、It's easy to brew! And、Hama-chan praises professional coffee thinking drink pot。The amount of hot water poured from the ultra-fine mouth is easy to adjust、You can aim pinpoint、It is really easy to brew!

How to make delicious coffee、It's also one of the fun things to do to have your favorite tools♪
It is also nice that a 3 inch size analog record is used instead of a coaster!

We ordered each of the recommended coffee on this day to drink and compare、You will be ed with recommended sweets♪

The table is covered with a flowering southern flower bud in the garden.、The way you breathe quietly will make you feel late autumn.。

"Deep Blue from Tanzania" 550 yen

There is a juicy umami reminiscent of ripe fruit、You can enjoy the citrus acidity and the body feeling that you can taste firmly!

"Indonesian Manderin Bintan Lima" 550 yen

The clean and strong manderin flavor that coffee goer also consents to、There is a long-lasting aftertaste and richness、a cup of bitterness。

MONACA 380 yen

The skin of Mr. Ikki, a craftsman who bakes by hand using an old-fashioned manufacturing method transmitted to Tosumo Mori-cho, is ated with crushed bean paste and fresh cream.。
What is the "sunny" brand that can be heard on the skin in the middle?、It seems to be a stylish gift from a customer、It is said that it is carefully stamped by hand one by one every time!
The skin is wrapped in a crisp and fragrant fragrance、The bitterness of manderine will go well with the mellow crushed bean paste again!

If you drink coffee,、You can see the mark of the bicycle from the cup!
It seems to have been a lucky cup with only a few coffee cups.、I was immersed in a feeling that I had gained some ♪

On this day、You will be able to sample freshly baked cannure of "Western confectionery shop mokara" in Hamamatsu where samples were taken by accident、Luxurious coffee time!
The baked color is caramelized and fragrant firmly、Cannure where you can enjoy a feeling that is just right inside。The eggs, which can be said to be the life of the cannure material, are made with carefully selected eggs with the rich taste of "Blue Bird Farm" and rich "Inasa Milk"、You can enjoy the flavorful taste!

Western confectionery shop mokara

Art Pepper's Art Pepper Meets The Length Section records are over.、Gently raise the needle、Switch to the next record。

The final song is "Birdland's Baby of Birdland", from "The 4th Acoustic Sounds Series" by sarah Vaughan, queen of jazz vocalists.、To a melting singing voice that is numbing、An important time to forget time unintentionally。

Tuesday (Mr. and Mrs. Hamakoji)、Friday (Shopkeeper):Seiko Ota)、On Saturdays (Daisuke Totsuka) and 3 days a week, professional people are attracted to each day of the week。

A special place to visit with a little drive to Yokosuka。
We have one more favorite café for our couple♪


It's sunny.
Address:136 Yokosuka, Kakegawa City, Shizuoka Prefecture
Business days:Every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday
Hours of operation:13:00-17:30

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