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Theme park with birds and admiring of "Kakegawa Kacho-en" seasonal flowers


In one of the theme parks was involved is Akira Kamo from bird collector、Opened 9/20/2003 in Kakegawa-Shi, Shizuoka "Aquariam"To!

Here is、And a large greenhouse of seasonal flowers is seen in extensive grounds in air-conditioned glass house boasts a ceiling height、The beautiful Lotus Flower floating indoor area、Lake of swans and pelicans、Equipped outdoor areas, such as EMU、Theme park with flowers and birds, and at the same time.

The facility is、Enjoy rainy weather-weather, warm in winter and cool in summer、For the entire Park is accessible、And perfect body、Wheelchair、Possible entry in the stroller, etc!

The admission 1200 yen (adult)、Elementary school students 550 Yen、For the infant has reached can enter free of charge、To go with the family is the best!

Every day in every time of various events held、The birds、For most of them not in cages or cages、Can directly touch and hand feed while also enjoying one!

On this day、The OWL loves to、Will be revisited for almost 10 years!

Booth to enter and immediately hailed as [OWL exhibition in the world, there's、A typical "tawny owl" started.、A unique "Barn Owl" looks like your face、Great Grey Owl disc-shaped face looks like a stump、羽角(耳)があるミミズク系「アフリカワシミミズク」ハリーポッターで一躍有名となった「シロフクロウ」など小型から大型までの25種類のフクロウが小屋の中で出迎えてくれクリンクリンのお目々やグルンと270度も回る驚異の首木枝に留まったまま居眠りする姿があまりにも愛らしくスタート時点で既に悶絶してしまいそうです!



鳥の餌をゲットしたり触れ合いイベントに参加するには、1回100円、200円と有料となり小銭がたくさん必要です。So called friendship ticket voucher is by far the most deals to enjoy、Others bought at the shop! (* Touch tickets、100Circle six spelling you can purchase 500 yen ¥ 100-minute deals)

Coffee or lunch buffet、Go to our flower shop and an indoor area and、With colorful Impatiens hanging flowers to Dubai、Paradise a spectacular sight to see!

Under the flowers here、30Carlyle than cuisine lunch buffet、You can also bring your lunch in the dining area in the back!

This time the、Early in the morning to make a sandwich、Brewed coffee freezes in the bottle, and then bring、You could enjoy lunch admiring a lovely flower!

[Waku Waku Waku event] in went、"Let's put the owls! "The touch event,"the OWL "ruchika 's" hand passenger experience is a challenge! (Experience 1 times:Contact ticket 2 200 yen) says so、Sex of owls! I see what this child is a boy? What is a girl? "With a simple question this fascination to the keeper、But owls cannot look to determine the gender, gender expert not unknown!

Gender is unknown、The US Tenori "ruchika-Chan"、My sister and I with very clever、Accustomed to the keeper and obedient、It is also looking at camera in sweet! It was worth coming here so much!

The "Northern Hawk-Owl." a tail-Chan "OWL flight will fly on my arms are、Experience-based trainers feel. (Experience 1 times:Contact ticket 5 tickets 500 yen) is always on the 木枝 flying straight brilliant remains steadfast and OWL are worth a look!

After that、Opposite to the parakeet water lily pool]、Parakeets were feeding and watering、Whole body becoming covered in parrot to fully enjoy the touch! (Feeding the birds one:Contact ticket 1 100 yen) Parrot their attacking moment after you purchase food at the shop! Until you are familiar、Ghazi sorta a little intimidating based it seems (laughs) (* clothes and skin care are、The protection arm cover made of denim material provided at the gift shop)

Vivid yellow、Orange face、With green accents and colorful feathers、The contact with "Sun conure" color scheme such as tropical flowers、It was exciting than imagined!

Husband to Lily severe while taking pictures、I to the countless tropical fish hiding under the lily pad feeding and watering、While becoming glued to its flock of GuppY and Platy、I forget the time! (Tropical fish food 1:ふれあい券1枚100円分)












Hours of operation
平日(月~金)9:00~ 16:30 (最終入園16:00-
休日(土日祝)9:00-17:00 (最終入園16:30-
Entrance fee:大人(中学生以上)1,200円小学生 550円幼児 無料
Parking lot:有り(無料)

"Reminiscence" aromatic richness and lingering taste would be revisited only French Birthday lunch in the castle restaurant blooming Crape Myrtle "now and forever".
"Reminiscence" aromatic richness and lingering taste would be revisited only French
Birthday lunch in the castle restaurant blooming Crape Myrtle "now and forever".


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