Rice Ranch produced ingredients grilled Hana Atsumi peninsula Bowl highway in Tahara city

Blessed with the bounty of the Mikawa Bay and Enshu-Nada sea、As agricultural production is famous Atsumi peninsula、Become a cornucopia of ingredients through all four seasons、Events in any of our member stores every Bowl menu utilizing local ingredients "Atsumi peninsula Bowl road"In the race!

"Atsumi peninsula Bowl road"、2007In the planning started with each food and beverage outlets: 10 years、Stamp effect with support over the years, spreading、Still, Aichi, Tahara City economic growth as part of a business "Atsumi peninsula Visitors Bureau"Operated、It is events that promote consumption by area!

This year started January 2019、2020Years up to December、Field period to two years "No. 6 bullet Atsumi peninsula Bowl road.、28And joined the food and beverage stores、Using Tahara pork with the brand issue "Tahara maccarruni cutlet" and "Mikawa stamina bowl of pork" to "Atsumi beef rice bowl.、Other "Mikawa red chicken rice bowl" and the cavalcade of pork, beef and chicken rice bowl、Fresh caught in the fishing AKABANE Shirasu "Shirasu Tempura donburi" or、Famous Italian good Lake "big clam Tempura.、At Irago 漁reta "in fish bowl",、Bowl menu with local products of the Atsumi peninsula is here!

This "Bowl road no matter how Don Hey den Committee" of and served as Chairman、Tahara-Shi station transmits this project proposer and God 谷幸 Osamu 'China Grill"In the、I'll have a popular donburi menus!

"No. 6 bullet Atsumi peninsula Bowl-Kaido" merchant、You can see the official site、If you look at the Bowl trail stamp mounts at a glance、Atsumi peninsula Bowl road flag of Orange was unfurled in front of each store is a landmark!

"China Grill"Now、And restaurants where you can enjoy the fresh seafood caught in Mikawa Bay and coastal waters and home garden vegetables、Is eligible for the sixth Bowl menu crowded tendon (pickles and miso soup, appetizer) 900 yen and "large clams katsudon (pickles and miso soup, bowls)" two 900 yen!

Also、Provides a consistently Bowl menu gained popularity in the fifth Bowl road "Anago Tempura (pickles and miso soup, bowls)" 950 Yen、Continue as a shop sign menu and very popular!

Crowded tendon (pickles and miso soup, appetizer) 900 yen
Stock swine, Aichi Prefecture has produced only know pork or fish.、Is "bustling Tempura" with plenty of vegetable garden vegetables、In the overflowing from the Bowl volume、As the name suggests are crowded with spending sprees!
Sliced only know pork is 2 pieces、Each cloth with "Hail" and "green"、Change the flavor or texture, thanks for entertaining!
Is your garden vegetables、Rape blossoms、Cauliflower、Eggplant、Carrot、He got a sweet potato,、Can be served with quail eggs!

"Large clams katsudon (pickles and miso soup, bowls)" ¥ 900
Italian good lake water specialty major finished the clams to katsu-Don "big clam katsudon" is、In a juicier flavor of giant clams shut in crispy rice、Enjoy scents from Mikawa Bay, narwhals!

Anago Tempura (pickles and miso soup, appetizer) 950 Yen
Popularity in the fifth Bowl road、The menu item becomes "Anago Tempura"、Luxury Sea eel addon and 2 bottles、As well as the bustling Tempura、Other fish、Rape blossoms in your garden、Cauliflower、Eggplant、Carrot、He got a sweet potato,、And served with quail eggs、It is a splendid and luxurious line up Bowl!

In the bowl of each、Most getting lumps into the small bowl containing cooked food to taste、Miso soup and miso soup、Ginger and radish、Comes with a homemade pickled cabbage!

To fit sizes from mini to the particular piling choice because I like how you can!

During the event period、I'm looking forward to Bowl menu for each store every、Stamp collecting in all the stores win、In the Lottery's "Cameron Hunt, picking strawberries and blueberries pair coupons" or "Tahara-city hotel accomodation pair.、Visit the chance to win prizes such as "present" fresh from the farm!

Everyone can drive to the Atsumi peninsula out when hanging、Come try participated the "Atsumi peninsula Bowl trail" stamp rally!

China Grill
Address:5-11 Kurata Tahara-Cho Tahara city, Aichi Prefecture
Hours of operation:Lunch 11:00-14:00、Dinner 17:00-20:00
Closed on Mondays:Monday
Parking lot:Aerobic

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