Parties surround Indonesia authentic home-cooked food, exotic

Your kind invitation to Indonesia cuisine in Japan home you can enjoy the party!

The Indonesia and other ethnic cultures、There is heavy use of spices from the old culinary Kingdom、Balinese cuisine、Javanese cuisine、Sundanese food、Makassar cuisine、Manado cuisine、Padang dishes、Indonesia cuisine is the ethnic groups such as Batak cuisine dishes!

This time the、Indonesia love、20Over the years, come to Indonesia、Even Indonesia and become known as Bagus thatHasegawa, h. (Nobuhisa Hasegawa).Hasegawa asami (Asami Hasegawa)Chan invited us to his home and his wife、Home cooking of Indonesia was acting in Changsha Ami-CHAN!

From our new House and within 10 minutes by car、In the neighborhood have been on the table of the Hasegawa family、Indonesia Edition fried rice or CHOW Mein、Nasi (NASI GORENG) of chicken and "Mie goreng (MI GORENG).、"Satay (SATE)", such as the familiar cuisines of Indonesia, not、Sort is not colorful not heard much of Indonesia food、This is the beginning of a fun party!

Bintang (Bir Bintang) and "Singha (Singha).
On this day、With no alcohol to be 嗜ma Bagus, shuttle service and welcome your invitation was、Us, Indonesia's leading beer "Bintang (Bir Bintang) "As Thailand's leading" Singha (Singha) "Please、Perfect for Indonesia cooking light taste and a Pilsner-type beer, cheers!

'Rendang (RENDANG).
The dish commonly eaten throughout Indonesia Padang cuisine in a typical 'rendang'、Meat simmered in coconut milk and spices with meat such as beef、The 2016 world culinary rankings released by CNN in the United States、Indonesia cuisine reigned over what place there!
Beef long and slow braised in coconut milk is very tasty、The unique flavor of turmeric and coriander、Facing each other will be fine accompaniment to beer taste!

The FRY with minced white fish and cassava (tapioca) flour "MPMP.、Palembang specialty cake & meal、Tapioca that even out texture and dust is、It is very familiar to the Japanese love of fish deep-fried dishes!
The largest triangle "MPMP.、Ones made with beaten egg in the heart of Surimi、Fluffy scrambled eggs very tasty smoked flavor of the fried fish dish!


"MPMP" more than anything else, eat special dry sauce CUA Chuka (CUKA KUAH) was wonderful! This is addictive!

"Stir-fried Bok Choy Masako (Masako).
Ajinomoto manufactures "Masako (Masako)" are classic seasonings of Indonesia、In the presence of soup in Japan、Soups and stir-fried dishes、Are widely used in Indonesia cuisine such as fried foods!
Nonfiction (Masako) brand name comes from the meaning "to cook" in Indonesia, Masak (massac)、To twist this to Japan and has been named "Masako (Masako)"!
It is a plain and Bok Choy on Masako to based on the flavor of the chicken fried!

"Krupuk (KRUPUK).
The Indonesia food, many people often accompanied "krupac (KRUPUK).、Starch from cassava (tapioca)、Mix minced shrimp and fish, dried、It is a deep fried Chinese shrimp crackers!
Enjoy the flavor of the shrimp Calipari texture、The sense of snack chips、Even the Japanese love should be!

See flat cracker-like substance is better、So enjoy in various colors and shapes、Small round-shaped thing is!

"Nathiuduc (NASI UDUK).
The rice with herbs such as Salam leaf, lemon grass and coconut milk "pear-UDC.、By bahare unleash ethnic flavor rice、Freshly cooked hot in the rooms with round、Will follow up with plenty of wearing a beef if 'rendang'、That is remarkable!

In Indonesia、On this rice dish served with plenty of、As a choice, and spicy seasonings "Sambal (SAMBAL).、Mix with that authentic flavor!
Nepal and India have eaten their ever、Love in Thailand and Viet Nam and other spices Asian cuisine、For married couples we relatively spicy stuff is good、Turns out that Indonesia cuisine very fit in the mouth!
This is become a habit!

"Mike Basso (MIE BAKSO).
The "Makis hits Indonesia's shio ramen (MIE KUAH).、[Me = near]、[Mulberry = juice]、It enters [Matsu = meat dumplings]、"Mike Basso (MIE BAKSO)".
Tomatoes and hard-boiled eggs, pickled Bok Choy conscious colors plus both nutritious and healthy soup noodles、In the as of the noodle smooth noodles taste、Better compatibility with and chicken dumplings with filling、It can be delicious as well!

In Indonesia、There would be kechapmanis (ECP MANIS) in sweet soy sauce and spicy seasonings "Sambal (SMBL).、If you like, sambaltrasi (SAMBAL TERASI) of fermented shrimp paste, served with、Mix well and eat and taste of home!

His is a fun style living taste taste to taste weird!

"Bubelinsin (BUBUH INJIN).
A dessert of Indonesia bubelinsin (BUBUH INJIN)、In a snack with plenty of coconut milk get multiplied by Ketan HITAM (KETAN HITAM) = black glutinous rice porridge、Something like "zenzai" in Japan!
To fit the tongue in Japanese、Also、We too sweet things is not good for、Plus red beans and sweet, made me so、Guests can enjoy a very light and delicious!

Homemade cheese cake
Cheese cake was moist and out of Indonesia who also got a positive assessment of Changsha Ami-CHAN's homemade!

Proficient with Ginger Lime properties!

I'm looking forward to Indonesia cuisine exotic、Throughout Indonesia and overseas travel & talk about such as immigration、Was held from noon to say regardless of、If more than seven hours party!

Without a tremor in the head of the household to settle down with brawny cat b、My fine coat and beautiful face was welcomed as the youngest youngest Chii-CHAN、Shy cat run just for a moment to see me and the fun time、Felt so much I enjoyed long catapult! Bagus's & Sanya Marisa Masami、Thanks for the delicious cuisine of Indonesia.

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