"Toriichi Butcher Shop" The brand duck "Aichi duck" that the butcher who has been founding for 80 years grows is exquisite!

Toriichi Meat Shop, a long-established meat shop that has been in business for more than 80 years in Toyohashi City, Aichi Prefecture!

This includes the brand duck "Aichi duck" produced in-house、Cow、Pig、Chicken、Wild boars, etc.、Sticking to delicious and safe domestic meat、It is a meat shop that handles carefully selected ingredients!

Over the counter、Including "Aichi duck" produced in-house、Carefully selected meat "Genji Wagyu"、"Dandoyama Kogen Beef"、"Toyohashi Beef"、"Mikawayama Blowing Quail"、"San state pig"、"Wild boar" and "deer", etc.、80There is also a strong cooperation system that can be obtained only because there is a relationship of trust with producers and processors that has been built up over more than 10 years、We have a wealth of original products。

Brand duck "Aichi duck" that is particular about in-house production。
This is a contract with two farms in toyohashi city, which is a local、It is the only locally produced duck meat in the prefecture that has been branded。
* "Aichi Duck" Trademark Registration No. 5850370 (JPO)

Our purpose today is exactly here!
The other day、Mr. and Mrs. Kunihisa Ueno and Mr. and Mrs. Tomoko put it in the fold that they had come to play at home、"Aichi duck" which knew the name for the first time。
At a later date、Appeared in the BBQ held with friends、I fell in love with the deliciousness when baked with binnagatan、I came to see "Aichi Duck" who made me want to visit even if it took about 40 minutes by car from Hamamatsu!

The showcase includes "Aichi duck" thighs and breast meat (loin)、Smoked、Processed products such as soft salami and terrine、The beauty of the meat quality and the excitement of eating it are revived、I looked into it for a while and stopped!

Just、We're going to have a BBQ at home.、In order to prepare this exquisite "Aichi duck" at that time、Let's make a delivery reservation immediately!

"Aichi duck" sold in vacuum pack is sold in frozen storage、Because the expiration date is also long and can be saved、You can also prepare it in advance.、It is also possible to keep stock。However,、In order to taste delicious meat more deliciously、I have you deliver it by chilled on the day before BBQ!

All meats look very delicious!
Personally, visceral system is a big favorite.、Because my husband is not very good at it、through them sideways。
It is also poured into "Aichi duck Saikyozuke" written as a special toriichi landlady、I am very much about naming "steak that does not bake"! (laughs)

The other day、The best meat "Genji Wagyu" that mr. and Mrs. Ueno got at their house is also sold!

This is a Kuroge Wagyu "Genji Wagyu" raised by the Genji Fattening Association, a group of master farmers who grow the brand "Hogo beef" representing the local Aichi Prefecture.。
From about 10 months old, 5% of the feed is grown by mixing sake kas of Sekiya Brewery Co., Ltd.'s famous sake "Horaisen".、Valuable brand Wagyu beef with extremely low circulation because it takes a lot of time and effort to grow。

Its flavor is、You can enjoy good quality fat and meat quality full of umami that is delicious enough to chew、The elegant smell of meat is the best meat that whets your appetite、It will be one of the few cows that felt really delicious even for anyone who is not very good at beef fat itself!

Mr. and Mrs. Ueno are always indebted to mr. and Mrs. Kobayashi, the store staff, explain various things、Arrangements for "Aichi Duck" are also completed safely!

Cow、Pig、With chickens、Categorized and easy-to-see showcase。
"I feel like 00 meat today", I saw many families who can come shopping one after another!

The products lined up in the special processed product corner、Because there are many things that can be used for alcohol、I'm pretty careful about this too!

That is、I can't forget the elegant taste of "Aichi hime terrine ", which was one of the appetizer plates that appeared at the aperitif of Ueno House、Buy this too!

Our favorite French restaurant in Toyohashi"Aru (Al)Shinjo's many dishes also appear in the dish ofSFIDAVegetables are also sold!

Mr. Toriichi used to be widely wholesaled to restaurants.、After all, this is also affected by the corona disaster、New initiatives in in-store sales can now be put in place、Exquisite skewers grilled over charcoal using the shop are also sold!

Mr. Higuchi, a male staff member who was in charge of the grilling place, specializes in duck meat in Tokyo.Kamo-i Wine Tavern sunIt seems to be running、I was able to hear a wonderful story about "duck" connection with all brothers!

The fragrant aroma of charcoal grilling rises、It's getting a good complexion!
The meat of this skewer is large and has a sense of deals、At this time, charcoal grilled fish and green onions of Nishikisu chicken was served!

Just、Because it was a timing when I could order freshly baked、Order 2 "Duck Charcoal Grilled"!

Grilled skewers over charcoal、I will line up in this warmer case in the store!

Artists in ToyohashiShintaro ajiokaBecause it was before going to go to the house of mr. plum picking、I will also add freshly baked skewers to my wife and Airi-chan!

"Aichi duck charcoal grill" 250 yen per bottle

Skewers、It is simply seasoned with salt so that you can understand the original taste of meat.。
"Aichi duck" with a fat melting point of 26 degrees is healthy and has a umami taste、The mellow and rich taste is exquisite!

"Aichi Hime's Country-style Lever Terrine" 100g 650 yen

This night、I received two kinds of processed products that I had purchased for wine!
"Aichi Hime's country-style lever terrine" is pork and pork liver、Onion、Pistachio、It has spices and so on.、It is the best wine that you can enjoy a moist, juicy and mellow umami while enjoying a gentle taste with high-quality fat!

You will be ed with butter sauteed "Kitaha asparagus" of "Egawa Contractor"!

"Aichi duck soft salami" 980 yen per bottle

"Aichi duck soft salami"、I bought it for my husband who likes salami、This is the deliciousness of the impact again!
I use the meat and the sere of the duck、On top of the light and elegant、The taste of garlic and spices is also a good accent、More than anything、I will be surprised at its softness and juwatsu overflowing gravy!

With the fresh taste unique to soft salami, pakpaku and chopsticks will advance!

"Fresh tomato pizza with aichi duck soft salami, bacon and zucchini"

Why don't you add heat to the soft salami? And the thought that、I tried pizza!
Fresh tomato and zucchini with thyme aroma added soft salami umami、It was finished in a pizza that goes well with crispy crispy dough!

The fragrance is added by putting heat in.、If you enjoy it as a mass of umami because delicious fat melts、Soft salami is recommended to be eaten as is without heating!

"Rabia" 2016 Bodeges Theron" Spain

Spanish organic wine "Rabia" 2016 According to "Bodegas Theron"!
No scientific products or fertilizers、Sustainable Organic、Using grapes harvested in cultivation that practices biodinami、It is a Spanish red wine that does not use any additives, synthetics, chemicals, etc.。
Made from carefully selected grapes from the oldest and best fields of Petit Verd、Made from free run juice and fermented by natural yeast、You can enjoy a well-balanced and elegant taste with a full body and beautiful acidity!

Feel the love of the staff who handle it、I would like everyone to know the special meat of "Toriichi Meat Shop" where raw meat and processed meat are too exquisite!

"Toriichi Meat Shop" also has a mail order site、If you are interested, please click by all means!

Toriichi Meat Shop
Address:26-1 Higashi-Odawaracho, Toyohashi City, Aichi 440-0886
Hours of operation:10:00To 18:00
Closed on Mondays:On Wednesdays、On Sundays
Parking lot:Aerobic

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