Long-established restaurant Ohi-machi "Bulldog" volume out of lunch!


While Tokyo oimachi old Western store "Bulldog"To!
"Bulldog" Lunch Time is always salaried workers in bustling procession!

Founded between 1949 and 1967,、Volume and continue providing the same taste with plenty of、
Most popular specialty cutlet is very popular!
Today's lunch is pleased to、The "famous cutlet and the fried shrimp platter"!
And at 780 yen price + miso soup with the!

2Become a parlor floor、Space can lengthen legs.、
Taste a little bothers about unlikely tilt at any moment be inclined walls and the floor of the shop is (laughs)
"It's amazing volume! "And will have been heard、
With specialty cutlet on a silver plate was still out in front of the Big Size、Cabbage is a heap!

Have drifted the aroma filled bite、
Past the crisp in the mouth、Here is a good sound and crunch!
The fried shrimp topped with tartar sauce、Very happy! It is a morning soup miso soup also!

There are shops where relief and soothing warmth you feel、Ohi-machi。It is good!





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