"Autogrill" toilet break and dinner at the restaurant in the Hotel Delta Florence


And Venice、While staying comfortable in Auto Strada Autostrada (motorway) driving by bus、Always stop restroom breaks, and time。The drop mainly、Mainstream is the main service area of highway network in Italy "AUTO GRILL Autogrill.。The time varies depending on the time of、10Minutes – 20 minutes or so will provide you with。


Even going to the toilet is not going、Bus drivers break even mandated that、Not allowed to wait at the bus、At once and the Green bus、It is possible enjoy a bathroom break or shopping。


Autogrill configurations have lightly such as Panini and pizza cafes while "sleeping".、Feel free, such as candy shop corner you can buy souvenirs and still exists。


Do you want to keep in mind when shopping for、Japan as well as the product of the motorway service area was slightly overvalued because、Hurry and purchase souvenirs and、After the visit, supermarket、Can get the same thing cheaper in that (of course、Don't mind the amount of useless advice.:Lol)。Just、Its location、Because there are products not only in the region、Not necessarily do everything that。And is familiar with the cabin attendant、How to teach you such information as、I would like see here what you recommend?? "And you may ask for.


Florence Calenzano 4 star business hotel "Hotel Delta Florence Hotel Delta Florence"。On this day、Before heading to the hotel、It optionally tour featuring the dinner at the hotel click here。Hotel Delta Florence、Near the historic centre of Florence、Located in Calenzano to burgeoning business district。240The Wi-Fi and a large outdoor pool、Congress Centre and has a restaurant that can accommodate up to 600 people。Stand located just 15 km from the Centre of Florence、In a huge complex、Accommodation in Florence、Or is used as the venue for large-scale events。


Dinner at the "restaurant Il Pozzo.。


The restaurant was included in the tour、I seen other tour appearances、(Lol) at the sight of them Japanese


"Chianti Classico 2011 Geography Co "Italy Tuscany red (beverages or alcohol is extra)

1961A year、A venerable old Giora、Radda、Established the is Castellina in three。Sweet gorgeous smell like violets、Fine, soft tannins。2003Annual production is in the Italian wine magazine "almanacco BELEVAN.、Has been elected to the bargain wine。Grape varieties:Sangiovese 90%、Canaiolo-Nero multimedia suite 10%。





Speaking of Florence、T bone steak the better ear、Available from such traditional Tuscan dishes of Italy。Lasagna is pasta of the day。


Roast pork main dish is roast pork with salad。I felt overall, plain pasta also Maine。


Cake Lafrance

After a fun dinner and tour participants、On the bus, including straight、Towards the plateau of hotel。The next time、Is the introduction of the hotel of the plateau.


Hotel Delta Florence Hotel Delta Florence
Location:Via Vittorio Emanuele, 3 – 50041 Calenzano (Florence), Italy TEL:+39 055 8876302

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