"Arun & # 8217s; s Curry Bar ollins ' after-party at oimachi retreat reggae!


Tokyo friends "Nexyz."And then into the deep world of Takuma Yoshida, Director Taku-Chan and Oi、
Reggae Bar in a hideaway "Arun & # 8217s; s Curry Bar (OLMS Carver) ", Is the party!
Owner operated Arun married Japanese wife in Bangladesh (Bangladesh) bar、
All have built up in their hands, and raised local bamboo and wood space
Decorated with tapestries of God Bob Marley of Jamaica reggae、
Emits good reggae music and exotic world!
Suggest this makes Arun husband Japanese wife in Bangladesh (Bangladesh)
Bangladeshi Curry with lots of spices and flavor!
Easy to drink with homemade Vodka Pine is a refreshing sweet、Go away in an instant (lol)
While wearing the loose reggae music、Nostalgia somewhere feels、
Spent the night at in the shop is warm and the Oi! Taku-CHAN、Thank you!





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