"SobaYa Omori" Concludes New Year's Eve with freshly ground freshly boiled freshly boiled new Year's Eve soba

Shingen near the chosen from around the country changed to weekly a hit、Hamamatsu offers pole Soba Nakajima "Sobaya OmoriWe had the annual New Year's Eve soba at、2019I want to wrap up the year!

Here is、It is a shop Tempura in turning Omori Masato is the owner, is painstakingly made by hand and carefully fried buckwheat with wife Mieko, flaky texture and taste delicious!

To begin with、The habit of carrying good luck on new year's Eve to eat buckwheat noodles、Beginning from the Edo period.、After、It has been established as a Japanese culture and is said to be "New Year's Eve soba"!

Soba is a food that is long stretched and cut into thin pieces.、Thin, long from "healthy longevity.、And eat the good luck and fortunes attracting attention、Buckwheat is easier to cut than other noodles from meaning "breaking the disaster of the year this year.、The most common asked for Soba eating ago the evening of new year's Eve new year's Eve!

In recent years, instead of "New Year's Eve Soba", "New Year's Eve Udon" and "New Year's Eve Ramen"、There seem to be a lot of "New Year's Eve pasta" etc.、What kind of "New Year's Eve" did you eat?

Because it is not possible to make a reservation on this day which becomes a big prosperity every year、I dared to come after 13:00 to avoid lunch time!

Of course、Because the inside of the store is full、After waiting for about an hour in the car of the parking lot, we went to the usual counter seat!

I finished the greeting of the swing for a while with Mr. and Mrs. Omori in the kitchen which turned into a battlefield in a hurry、Would you like to receive a delicious toshikoshi Soba!

Shop、10And the room's name and counter 腰掛kereru about 4 people and small shops、High ceilings、Warmth of the tree is overflowing.、Flowing time and space!

It is usual that the appearance of the regularpeople who surround the table of the single plate、Occasionally、Knowing rumors, outside groups from afar purposely go look at it of anybody here seen、A very popular like the Soba shop!

"Hot Tororo" 1,200 yen

I always do in the cold winter、We will have this "warm toro" like a round moon in warm juice!
The cold body warms up when the gentleness of the soup stock and the mellow soba which became mellow in the grated stand are poured.、I'll smile!

' Eat compared with "1,200 yen

To eat is compared with the、A great dish that you can eat and compare two kinds of country soba of the ground and ground one at once!
Today's fault is using Maruoka from Fukui Prefecture、The countryside 28 of hikigurumi uses Hitachi Autumn Soba!
Let's enjoy the difference between the fragrant and sweet Seiro and the ground ground, which makes you feel the taste of soba strongly!
If you eat it with salt before you eat it with soba soup,、It is recommended to enjoy the original sweetness and taste of soba!

In the large pot that i would have boiled a lot of soba today、Plenty of thick soba hot water、If you put soba hot water in the soba bowl mouth、Warming up to the core of the body、Blissful time comes!

Finally, with the owner, Masato Omori, and his wife, Saeko.、A commemorative photo while chatting after a meal!

Mr. Omori, who is 72 years old、It seems to be exhausted both mentally and physically by soba making from early in the morning、Recently, I've started to feel the limits of my daily sales.、There are days when Saeko and I are seriously discussing the restaurant's performance.。However,、Every time a regular asks me not to stop、The thought seems to have been shaken.。

To Mr. Omori、But I still want hitting、For me who lost my father who was active as the same soba making craftsman in summer、Being healthy、The most important thing is to have a long life! Please take good care of yourself.、I hope that it does not keep。

Now、While your daughter's husband is helping you on holiday、Because it is said that the training of soba making has also begun、One day、Mr. Omori decided to retire.、Your daughter's husband may be standing in the shop as a successor!

Mr. Omori、Ms. Mieko、I was really happy to be able to finish the year with soba noodles of "Sobaya Omori" safely this year! Thank you very much in 2020!

You will continue to have a relationship in 2020.、Thank you! Welcome to a good new year!

Sobaya Omori
Address:Shizuoka Prefecture Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku, Nakajima 1-31-1
Hours of operation:11:30-14:00
Closed on Mondays:Moon、On Tuesday、Friday (Please check in the WEB site's calendar)

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