Fresh seafood rich in the sea of Japan, high freshness of the sushi ball fresh sushi


Toyama in 20 years and one of the popular sushi 'Sushi jade kakeo shop"Mr.。Fish is fresh seafood to the sea of Japan Toyama Bay、Himi Harbor、Kanazawa port、And directly, Noto、Sticking with good quality materials offers customers at a reasonable price.


Direct material in addition to visitors from outside the Prefecture、Popular entertainers and athletes visit and by word of mouth。In addition to Toyama Bay、With fresh seafood transported from the port of Kanazawa always offers more than 100 types。Daytime and evening entertainment twice, not to mention、And then use the Toyama Koshihikari 100%、Shari vinegar、Miso paste、Soy sauce、Sweet sauce and obsessed with everything thoroughly Buri。Also、Staff feel free to enjoy a conversation with staff is comfortable.、Any time a matrix。On weekdays、It seems the free miso soup!


Waiting Chair in the store 30 minutes wait after on、As to the last counter seat。There are flowing in front of sushi、So much trouble in the Board's order holding the coloring!


From the classic menu、Until the Board menu of recommended 漁reta in Toyama Bay for the day.、105Reasonably priced from ¥ expensive ingredients and up to 735 Yen、The abundance of food.


' Wipe from the Awn ' 157 Yen

At Britney's kids at Motegi。Wipe from the Awn is、ABT 32~40cm(0.5~1kg) until the bris children profoundly.。"Cozucra"-> "wipe from too much" → is profoundly changing according to the "hamachi"-> "buri" and growth from、Called shusse-UO。Even Britney's kids just give too greasy as logo and、But as Britney was exasperating and offers!


'Gate and how' of 105

Types of squid in Japan Sea area 70-90 are inhabited and is said、Among them the most delicious squid is? Answer to、This, most people say "the how"。Since when do and called me "King Squid"、Now join the ranks of luxury goods.。In summer season、Texture and curvy body and sweetness is the best!


Deep 〆 mackerel 105 Yen

Mackerel is a fish called "unseasoned wood rot" pain early。You've got a powerful digestive enzymes、From the dead to the、Is dangerous to handle properly and do not eat。Here you will、Deep finish and superficial finish are provided as is、This superficial finish is not that deep finish whats。Personally,、The superficial finish of choice is。


Live 梅貝 346 Yen

In a life that、Freshness is securely transmitted。Teeth meet the shark-梅貝 UH crunchy and good elasticity。You feel the sweetness、Is a dish unique to Toyama!


Large bluefin tuna lean 399 Yen

Bluefin tuna、Be some body、3-8 kg for tuna (tuna children)、20about kg, Great Egret.、 40by kg in tuna (kitchen).、50kg more than in adult bluefin tuna is called。A great Egret、Parents as FAT (Toro) because、Even lean enough fat on a roll is!


"Turbot" 399 Yen

"On left flounder fishing right" and is used often in the mouth the。Parsnips taste a good protein to、Fun texture flounder。To the sea with my local Shizuoka, port、The fresh fish is 漁remasu、漁reru in Toyama Japan Sea fish is no longer beam different。Level of the revolving sushi bar、NetA、With unsurpassed balance of Shak。Let hold you at the counter of the high-end sushi restaurants are also good、I think when you come to the Toyama 1-Please feel free to get sushi taste enjoyed。Summer autumn winter NetA recommended though!

Sushi jade
Toyama Prefecture Toyama kakeo Sakae-machi 5-8 TEL:076-491-1897
Hours of operation:11:00-21:00 Closed on Mondays:Open every day

Toyama Prefecture Toyama City kakeo Sakae-machi 5-8

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