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The Toyama dialect means fresh when you come with、Sushi "when you come with sushi.



Fish restaurant called the natural 生けす、Set up a headquarters to Himi "Himi when you come with sushi"Mr.。Has become a spark a useful presence sparked a boom in sushi in Toyama。By the way "when you come with" and is "fresh" means in the Toyama dialect、As the name suggests、Every day and fresh fresh fresh seafood from the fishing port of、It's delicious sushi is NetA。And you can eat fresh fish、Every day attracts matrix。Koshihikari rice.、The water is alkaline water use and、All our delicious sushi offered。Inside the crowded holiday at least once、Therefore for a while to wait、I need a unique sushi prepared。On this day、The same sushi and sushi ball of that compared to、Here "Himi when you come with sushi taro-shop", I even asked!


Even to this day、It took about 30 minutes waiting, Interior is filled with visitors waiting for。Last name is called、When it comes to the counter。That is good to reach the sushi in front of flowing、Examine the recommendation of the day、Craftsman counter in order to hold fresh, are highly recommended.


"Red Snapper" 231 Yen

Fresh and crunchy red snapper、Different flavours。However,、Shari is hardened and wearing a、In the countryside often was under the impression that sushi。The last、But when asked here was not that。There are craftsmen in、Will not help... This is sushi if hand grip change taste。


'Suzuki' 231 Yen

Parsnips taste and give delicious sea bass。But unfortunately、I still think the balance and Shari。I keep holding the soft little better... and just wanted to say (laughs)


' Wipe from the Awn ' 189 Yen

In the Toyama Prefecture、Shusse-UO → Zvi so Cox CL → → fukuraghi → hamachi Gund → Britney would be。This, press menu.。Still nice and different thickness。Good luck shusse-UO, so eat lots (lol)


Yellowtail 147 Yen

Also Britney shusse-UO。Hamachi、Shut yourself in fresh and crunchy、Very nice fat by simply。


' Amberjack POO ' 294 Yen

Yellowtail and amberjack are、Is a fish of the same perch eyes on the subject,。Amberjack, yellowtail genus is the largest。Over the years through a delicious halibut please come to。


In Buri 294 Yen

Just like stand has already started publishing、Immediately at the location Buri "Ghibli、Studio Ghibli "and we play、On shusse-UO is a really happy person (laughs)、As a champion of the Toyama Bay ferry。


Crushed shell 189 Yen

So I was eating 梅貝 long time since I came to Toyama、This time the shellfish。Recommended texture and flavor of sweetness comes after 堪rimasen。


See trevallies 347 Yen

The origin of the name "trevallies"、There is a theory that cute yellow "streak" on the body and say。Apparently trevallies meaty new crispy fatty goodness、It is a tasty fish。


Sweet shrimp 116 Yen

Toyama is also delicious shrimp。From melts when raw and tasted the sweetness、Named the sweet shrimp。Officially、Say "Pandalus Borealis.。Shrimp shrimp during the 100 g、Protein 20 g and include many。Deep-water shrimp of the tantalizing sweetness、The protein in a glycine、Due to the amino acids, alanine。Also、The chitin shell、Be effective in lowering cholesterol and fat metabolism promotes and。Other、Stroke and high blood pressure、Taurine effects in prevention of lifestyle-related diseases, such as heart disease and also contains many。Shrimp shrimp is rich in sweetness as well as delicious、Is a valuable food nutrition。Sushi、Again from the autumn winter fodder is recommended、It is only this story where you can enjoy summer in Toyama。It is enviable to eat delicious fish that weren't.


See seaweed soup ' 189 Yen

Finish to paste whats the juice。Please enjoy the sweet flavor of the seaweed stretch to fill the surface of the instrument and green onion。Now、A personal impression of sushi to eat than we are、Is both difficult to rank with freshness、How to unravel the Shak、Look at the balance between story and、Personally, I am ball in it is recommended。After that、Relatives of man to hear and see and sushi is the best! "And recommended!。In the next Toyama、I think Let us come in there!

Himi when you come with sushi taro circle store
Toyama Prefecture Toyama City taro round Western town 2-6-7 TEL:076-420-5999
Hours of operation:11:00-24:00 Closed on Mondays:Open every day

Toyama Prefecture Toyama City taro round West town 2-6-7

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Fresh seafood rich in the sea of Japan, high freshness of the sushi ball fresh sushi If you taste the sweet France in Toyama in the Patisserie giraffe pampering
Fresh seafood rich in the sea of Japan, high freshness of the sushi ball fresh sushi
If you taste the sweet France in Toyama in the Patisserie giraffe pampering


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