Delicious horseradish soup condensed flavor of the less fortunately Shoten Kada specialty, red snapper!


Handling the local products in the precincts of the awashima shrine Kada Wakayama "Less fortunately shopping"And、Red snapper fishermen caught fishing are provided in the course!

Preserves are in store、Just fished red snapper and abalone、Well's famous shellfish and Kada、Whets the appetite! It looks delicious!

The shop has various atmosphere、From: 途絶ァzu after the tourists, became a popular store、Guided by the Clerk's sister to sit and、There was a throw hot water bottle with one seat per、And warm service.

Also、In the Kansai-Ben is always "come from? "Such as the flurry of catch words starting with conversations lively restaurant is cosy!((Be 艸 ' *))Kansai, we、Is the best!

Written on the wall and the full menu is 出揃i、Is often lost or which is、This menu item is、1 pot and three or more using the bones of Red sea bream、Simmered slow night collagen and calcium rich famous horseradish soup (¥ 800).

That put horseradish soup with Wasabi"ticks"、To become the last in style、First of all, simply taste-based snapper soup! So steaming soup pot with set on a stove is hot States! And aroma and smell good dying visor in steaming、Touched by soup condensed flavor Red Snapper if you do bite! "Chopped horseradish" to your liking there and melt in a bowl put the、Enjoy the spicy pungent changes that stuff! In addition、"Noodles" or "rice"、There are additional options for Chinese noodles for horseradish soup with 2 degrees、Divided into three dining guide is recommended! So Delicious!

Originally、Full course of Red sea bream in the Kada 漁reru is shop press menu、Become a hot topic "Shirasu Don '' had to offer in less dazzling jazz was、From the regular "Shirasu Bowl want to à la carte menu! "With strong demand from、Now passe passe "Shirasu Don '' rumors to take care of himself and it became a topic on the net!(° ∀ °)Certainly on the menu were in the car!

The Bowl Shirasu、Double the normal size mini size、And the triple is in 4 stages、"Normal size (800 yen) is still enough amazing Inn Keeper comes out!

"Don young sardine '' very tasty.、The Manager said "because the fish are purchased、I'm happy if I eat preferably Kada fisherman fished red snapper! "And to be honest spoke to us! If you have time and budget with his stomach full course please try!

A unique fishing port before meals you can enjoy less fortunately Shoten、Foot carrying with family and friends、It is recommended that ordered different things and share!.!、You check in to the hotel.













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