Small restaurant can enjoy ease by Gion music taste cooking area


Gion of well-established store "Gion looked trees"And it's on、2013On November 22In the open、
It is the ゝ treeNativeKida Yasuo"Mr. is sluggish armGion music taste"Mr.。
Called "a" routine appetizer or dish、Leave it as sashimi after you have、
Style small restaurant order the dish from the menu。
While in Kyoto、Unlimited high threshold and the heaviness、Is a store have many regulars.


It is located on the south side of Gion that crowded with a lot of peopleRaku-miSan。
Faint lights emerge at night、Fascinated by the atmosphere moist and tasteful that I!


Shop、One of the Big Cypress only 14 seats of the Board。
Cook and Kida's started.、Jaunty immersive still enjoy our hospitality。
First of all the、Chef's choice of appetizer or dish、After that offered sashimi, such as "ready"、
Story of the day featured finest materials from out of the box in the menu、
Anything you like from your favorite recipes、Style and enjoy one dish meal。

On this day、That was already finished eating、
The long-awaited Kyoto、IfKidaIs going to've, I wanted to meet at a glance。
When you eat, not even、I thought how rude.、
KidaFrom Mr. "It is never okay、Please feel free to call。"And、For Pacifiers?、
Depend on your words.。
That is the、While you drink so much trouble、Will be easy snacks!


Draft beer

After eating, drinking、Poker sweat while walking down the streets of the capital、Back to the beer。
This one cup is also delicious I ♪


The shopkeeperKida YasuoMr. a、It is the ゝ treeOfHiroshi SasakiLet's seePontocho Fujita"In childhood had been training your rim、
"Gion is ゝ tree"Starting with、Hiroshi SasakiMr. of Roppongi Hills, which produced 'Yasaka street An Kyoto Culinary Arts"And、
We can not stop love of Toyama "GARAKU"The chef has been President、
Long period of time、SasakiAnd I'm the chef making his right arm as it is。

Toyama "GARAKU"Mr. so、3We shake the arms for a year and 3 months、
Eiji TaniguchiAt the same time with the chef and spent、GARAKUOf the food that supports the。
"And thanks to Taniguchi、It is variously taught in Japanese。"And、
Talk to happily to cherish the situation at the timeKidaSan。
TaniguchiAnd the chef up there still seems、
Toyama times your friends curb was born、It is also often carried a foot here.。
Give us friendly to talkKidaAnd it's a friendly personality、
This time、I think really good visit!


"Broiled of barracuda"

With the Barracuda、In a rare、Parkroyal on Kitchener road snacks all beaten down,。
Camas、It's delicious time!


"potato salad"

"Eat? Sized、But a normal sized"And、
As you will find in the tummy of this considerate、
More booze so could you please provide one。
Normal sized it、Not to mention the taste more than the ordinary.


"Pike eel sushi"

Next regulars like ordered at the counter、
If in front of watching the moment hold the wrap around the piping hot rice baked pike conger、This is not to do not ask anymore。
A full stomach already.、Is greed gone Conger sushi to sleek。
Potatoes and warm "on the、Tare's cross blur、Classy Conger rip-off in one bite!
After that、Good liked the ginger bite or feel and、Is this also the excellent compatibility.


"Mackerel sushi"

Raku-miAnd I'm even popular mackerel sushi。
Pink beautiful lie "on the confidences and、
Is shredded pickled vegetables with sesame seeds、In flavoured and refreshing and delicious.。
Here neighbor Mr. "Great camera I、You want pictures please! mackerel sushi here is wonderful.。"And、
Those who gave voice cliff (laughs)
The next time、It is something you want to try our mackerel sushi here!


"Clear soup"

Sumashi汁 easily by just fish and seaweed broth soup、Simply happy with tofu and green onions。
Unwind ♪ in warm soup of deadline


"Takeaway for lunch."

Hamo sushi and Saba sushi take away that customers often、Pretty 折詰 to me。
But Kyoto was no pub crawl、KidaAnd I'm also relishing the pleasure we encounter derived、
I also want to come to Kyoto.。Were pledged.
KidaSan、In late thank you! (Thank you)


Next in line、Gion FestivalWe will introduce the state of the city rises in ♪

Gion music taste
Kyoto Kyoto Higashiyama, Gion South 570-206 TEL:075-531-3733
Hours of operation:17:30-23:00( L.O.22:00-
Closed on Mondays:On Sunday, the second Monday in

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