"Small bowl and Yona" opened in Oi! Small restaurant where you can enjoy small dishes and drinks

Cheap stumbled, including "no lick (drenched in 1000 yen)" of 2nd Tokyo unfolds a deep world as the city's second home "Oi"!

The walking distance from Oi town Mansion House、Not the tongue from small, stylish wine bar、BBQ shop、Pork cutlet、China、Western、Italian、The town of food with Thailand dishes such as multinational。That Oi was born nice small restaurant in 9/2017 new!

Every day is so famous ramen shops "Bamboo by Chinese noodles 1. omen"The aim store easy to enter the woman alone on the site was a karaoke bar next door lasted for more than 30 years、Colours and white, emitting a soft impression、Small restaurant feel the warmth of the wood "Small bowl, Yona"Open!

The only 3.5 acres、6 counter seats has only a small shop、Shop like a small castle's owner finally realized! Gifu-born landladyKureha, Kae (Yoshie Kureha)Mr. a、That dream was to open a store in a familiar favorite Oi town!

You you small dishes can be ordered in the sense like for sale here、And nurturance of each hand-made dishes、Small bowl a 300 yen to 600 yen and a very reasonable! This restaurant is within walking distance from Nice!

Drinks are、Japanese sake and shochu、Wine、Whiskey、In that broad set of soft drinks and、That's especially provided ones fit very refreshing taste of sake!

So this day was the mood of the wine、Italy white wine "Pinot Grigio Torresella" order by the bottle、Seasoned with soy sauce and mayonnaise on the appetizer toasts while you see Satsuma age and cabbage!

Just boil the vegetables and leave a nice texture、Feel the spring slightly bitter "rapeseed mustard sauce.、Flavored with miso and grilled on the subject of unbearable "grilled horse mackerel leeks and miso.、Packed with bankable time happy, "Milt Ponzu sauce" wine appetizer!

Pottery "snapper dried overnight" and "Toro grilled swordfish",、And the one soup soy sauce on the table.、Me with jobs concentrated aroma and flavor dashi soy sauce is good! Buri attention provided in homemade sashimi soy sauce!

With hatcho miso chicken, and asparagus partto from the skin surface and better color, green beans and carrots wrapped "boiled chicken pickle flavor.、Pottery is a good balance between meat or fish!!

Wine, continuing to advance in food、The next red wine is France's "Heritage / Domaine Santa Duc "and add、"Sansho smokoirsardine" and "cheese of the day.、Fresh olives and good mood!

Do you border control it?、Mistress and I was in that same year kindred spirits to get in、At the counter by chance in who sits next together happy, inviting you to Daddy Ken SAMA after-party until still、Could spend a very good time with patrons as if had known earlier what you ♪ I best Oi!

Small bowl, Yona
Address:Tokyo, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo well 5
Hours of operation:17Time-day 1:00

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