You can enjoy seasonal Hamana Lake area at shunsai, Kazunori popular lunch


Hideaway Japanese food store located in Hamamatsu-Shi village comb 'Our seasonal, Kazunori"Mr.。White one side to Dubai、Forget that the residential area are pretentious building。Tokumasu Noboru's owner、At the Kansai's 11 years of training、2009 yearThe independent opening at native village comb。Is provided, and carefully selected fresh and delicious seafood here the shopkeeper caught in Lake Hamana, maisaka and omaezaki。Further order from around the country every season seasonal ingredients、How to cook delicious ingredients of the season the best offers。You can enjoy a taste of the unique art shop mostly ground fish out the quality of the material mainly。XIV hamanakoHamanako Garden Park LakeMore conveniently located 5 minutes by car、Parking 13 parking spots in the front of the shop and、Is often used to visitors from afar。Recommend reservation in advance on weekends.


Shop、Comfortable and clean feeling calm trees were used in abundance、Suggests that the face of L-shaped counter and Hori-kotatsu table seating and has 35 seats。Lunch menu、Is the meal with seafood。On this day、Before the visit to Lake Hamana garden park last near here at lunch。A seat at the table、Was filled by appointment、Because it could bother to counter good luck、Will be highly popular among the lunch menu!


Most popular Tempura set meal ¥ 1,350

Deep enough to hold in one's hands in a bowl overflowing。The ingredients、Shrimp 2、Egg yolks、Eggplant、Pumpkin、Sweet potato、Onion、It is shishi唐辛子。And the yolk on top of poking with chopsticks、From half-boiled eggs melted-out and draining、All good 絡masereba、And I can enjoy the mellow sweetness of cloth plus。The sauce、Hamamatsu tendon in mildly sweet, delicious flavor of choice.


Sashimi teishoku 1,512 Yen

Greater amberjack、Japanese flounder Paralichthys olivaceus、Tuna、Salmon、Cuttlefish。Because Buri stick uses only the raw tuna is super fresh。Flounder in the firm and crunchy feel sweet candid while。Amberjack, salmon, so enjoy a good fat、Will squid is crispy and fancy as full of flavor。It doesn't go rice!


Lunch set "rice、Miso soup with clams、Pickles.

Bonito is much use daily to 2 in some specialty shops、Good for the owner's soup in Kansai。Bran pickles are also delicious, the sauce and the rice is also good.


Small bowl tomato、Dessert "pineapple"

In a balanced day lunch、In the evening、Good style and tweak the dishes while enjoying a carefully selected Japanese sake and shochu.。Courses (2 persons-reservations accepted) and pan course (4 persons-reservations accepted) also offers、Memorial Service and banquets we offer。Non-smoking rooms (4 persons-reservations accepted) also provided for families with small children, use is possible.

Our seasonal, Kazunori
Nishi-Ku, Hamamatsu-Shi village town of combing 3832-2 TEL:053-488-1109
Hours of operation:11:30-14:00( L.O.13:30- 18:00To 22:30( L.O.21:30) Closed:Monday

Hamamatsu-Shi Nishi-Ku village -2 Combs-3832

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