"Hamana Lake Expo 2014 ~ celebration of flowers and green ~ ' in Hamana Lake garden park final day!


2004 yearFrom Lake Hamana Flower Expo, which was held in10AnniversaryThis year to greet the2014 yearIn the spring of、Lake Hamana Flower Expo 10 Anniversary careerAnd31st National Urban greening Shizuoka FairAt the same time meeting。2014On March 21 (Gold) - June 15, 2014 (Japan)Until the87DaysFor it about 3 months、Many people and visitors、Hamana Lake garden park place and still is the official website of Hamamatsu flower park at two venues currently total visitor count、What1,293,289PeopleHas become a。Visitors in the last day、26,357PeopleWith that。Not only in pairs, and mobilize more people from the welcome、Like so many people visited。This time the、That last day there、Still visited at Lake Hamana garden park bigger Hamamatsu flower park venue.


Near the North entrance gate to close to parking、Walk by the way affected by pick-up giant anteater.


The admission of the Hamana Lake Expo 2014、Adults 800 yen (Advanced tickets: ¥ 700)。The hamanako、Beautiful Lake and nature of Shizuoka Prefecture seventh was born in open-air landscape in the City Park。Western area and the area of the city consist of 3 zones-areas、From small children to the elderly will in、Anyone can feel free to enjoy a lush Park。The last day、The sunny, pleasant summer wind、Many families with young children.


At the booth of SUZUKI was set at the venue、Photographer with the commemorative photo spot in the corner of the picture frame decorated with flowers all over I accompanied、Had been a hands-on photo service。The service is taking、Print photo's and pay。I、Of course is taken with my camera.


In the right hand picture looks、Of 50 m height located near the center of the ParkObservation TowerIt is。The Observatory is on the top floor、Views of the panoramic view of the garden park and beautiful Lake Hamana.

● general and senior high school students (per person once) 300 yen
● (per person once) and junior high school students 100 yen
● the elderly 70 years of age or more (per person once) 200 yen
● body disabilities (per person once) 200 yen
* Proof of age are elderly.、The persons with disabilities physical disability staff please。
Utilization time
9Months to May
:9:-/ 16:306May to August:917:00 am to


The camphor tree in front of the central lawn fashionable tree-lined、In the colorful attire and adorned with pop、Is such stomach band woven yarns in the trunk of a tree or wrapped、Hairballs are nuts in the branches look、Is the pop art world.


In the Central Plaza、There was a healthy child will race、Saw a figure who will be a break in the shade of a tree or the NAP of the、When it comes to lawn、Without hesitation ITraining(Lol) it is for the health and beauty、3Personal training Studio sanarudai started going from the end of the month "Do-tight! ThebesPersonal trainer "Yamada Makoto ShingoThanks-Kun in the sculpt got makes、Soon feet and gone down on the floor and stand on one leg had started shaking and wobbly, did not create stability.、2And a half months and、Stand with one foot in the windy conditions、As you can see is the balance kept a sense of stability is coming。As a result、Are also training recently, little by little, but evolving into advanced training。Actually it's two and a half months、In addition to the gym workout of the week、By training in the morning spring training、If anything changes in the body can feel themselves、Is the gradual change in the、Weight、Body fat、Reduction of body fat。In the appearance、Back meat (scapula around) and sat around the decrease in fatness, chubbiness。In an internal、Reduces migraines and stiff neck、Better sleep of the night。Of course、I don't think training in still far from the ideal body shape, long span is required?、Future become an old woman walk on their feet as the physical strength-making continued efforts。Regular exercise is good!.


The seed is in the food court、Variations such as using locally sourced menu your local gourmet range、Very crowded, as are eight international food stores.


In the ice stretches me taste ice features Turkish ice cream vendors a sticky。Milk concentration and sweetness is thick and easy to tangle tongues,。1I buy two set pieces and is 400 Yen and 700 yen and 100 yen discount seems to become.


I found a brother that has been a street performer in the corner of Maple Bridge front! They are attracted to the cheers we also often visit ♪


Here is、Devil stickIt is saidJuggle。And juggling、Several things threw into the air and taking over、Technology and keep always be of one or more floating point。In the broom looks like it's floating here、No species also tricks in magic。2Stick your broom in the air to freely puppet、Broom alive appear to be juggling。Just amazed at its strangeness.


The following tricks、Roller balance horticultural。Put the plate on the tube、Fit two boxes on the Board between further and increase the height、Continue to ride while balancing on top of that。Eye height is reaching more than 3 m。And will ride well enough tough technical、I was on top of that will show higher difficulty once a kendama success rate three times.


The last show、Rope ride balance horticultural。His name is "Rope ride Johnny"。(Real name:Over Kuroki Yu Kuroki)-Kun。Waza he became synonymous with the rope riding art seems to。1I tough you can stand on a thin rope of、So one leg standing! Now、So if you want and the splendor of balance! (Lol) and、What's left、Got a Club (juggling paraphernalia)、Rotate and will showcase many of the feats of juggling! This is done、Hamamatsu City relatively quiet is deafening! I always think that is、Street performer she is great、Never not only art、This is the greatness of cheerful MC talk interspersed with jokes at suddenly being brought into their world competitiveness! Pole once in a while、Have your art at all without opening your mouth, laugh only in gesture and facial expression as Chaplin、It is also one of。I think that either require substantial effort and practice。Liven up the place、Made me laugh to hold my stomachRope ride JohnnyStorm of applause was showered in san! Also I want to see you somewhere ♪


According to the East-West waterwayMaple BridgeIt is scenery from。At the Maple Bridge、Some、And getting in the covered bridge、Can Maple Bridge Gallery to exhibit works, such as photographs and paintings.


Maple across the bridge and、Into the garden area and、Quickly change to tropical atmosphere of the trees。At each booth、International Nepal and China、Korea、Thailand、United Kingdom、Featuring a traditional garden, such as Italy.


Nepal garden


China Garden


Very cool, shaded by huge trees of lush fern、Is also place to rest。Within the venue、Round boobs and walk in the lamplight 1-takes approximately 2 hours。If the daytime Sun is strong in you visit、Being tapped to rehydrate as well as、Forget to take the time to try!


Warmth workshopIs it the works "empty Garden House fly" is、But children are popular。Last day to finish with、Flying again (laughs) I、Located in Lake HamanaWarm forestSomewhere will be moved exhibition to ♪ of


Hamamatsu Art · iron-man (Atetsuto)Of exhibition booth "Iron Revitalizing the Earth (Hoshi)"。Yet Matsumoto performing Art and iron man、Bases of Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Pref.Iron artist collectiveIt is。7Artists gather.、13Point objects display、Had been to make the space a taste!


To slowly cruise to admire the cute flowers and natural east-west waterway of the parkPleasure Boat Garden Cruise。Here is、Becomes the East Jetty。

Cruise ship garden cruise information
-Operated by location:East-West waterway West Jetty wading near-Near East Quay flowers
● operation time:(March-October) 9:30-16:30、(May 11) 9:30-15:30、(December-February) Saturdays only service 9:30-15:30
-Rates:Adults / 500 Yen one-way/800 yen round-trip、Children / one way 300 yen, 500 yen
-Other:Will be cancelled if the high water level in wet weather, etc.。


The captain's Guide、Enjoy a cruise。That is like good cheer、Home's views of the cruise on another Visual fun、Rest your feet may。Comfortable windy summer、Could be a cool time.


Down at the West Pier、Panoramic view from the waterfront outdoor stage Theater next to the Hill。Is beautiful carpets of flowers looking from afar.


Prince and Princess akishino PrinceAnd visits to 14 days、2004 yearThe is the care of pine were planted in the flower & Garden Show!


Park in one of the largestFlower Ginga。Municipalities across the country were built according to、Large flower of 350 m image of galaxies and stars。After the opening of the Expo is、Blue flowerNemophilaThat was planted、For the finished flower flowers、5OFLCOfSafiniaIn it were transplanted。Force is a kind of Petunia、On one side, suitable for spreads and force flowers decorate the last day in very bright colors so beautiful was in their full glory! Green is healed enough to just walk through the idyllic park、Power has been involved in many people felt、You could also get healthy! After the last day、2014Year June 16 (Mon) - July 15, 2014 (Tuesday) (planned)Until is closed。Also、Period I shall look forward to next time!

Lake Hamana Hana-haku 2014 - flowers and green festival

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