Home party with Thai cuisine made with recipes from Bangkok's top hotel chefs!

To represent the city to the Patisserie "Abondance"ofBernard Heberle(Eberle Bernard) and Toyoya Hasegawa (Toyoka Hasegawa) I'm going to invite you and your wife.、We hold a home party to serve Thai food at home!

This trip to Bangkok is a top-notch hotel.The SiamI've been experiencing the cooking school of (The Siam) again.、Because my Thai repertoire has increased、Reproduced in my home、We will enjoy two people who like to travel abroad and are rich in international color!

Fresh "Lemon grass" and "Kammir lime leaves" which are indispensable for Thai cuisine、"Galangal" etc.、Because it is not sold in an ordinary supermarket、This time the、I was able to give it to Niparat, who is owner Chef of my favorite Thai restaurant "Rattana Thai Restaurant Rattana"! Cop Kung Kra (Pu) / Car ขอบคุณ ครับ/ค่ะ!!

At the time of the home party, I hear the likes and dislikes of the guest as much as possible and make it.、Actually,、The food that Bernard doesn't like is "onion in general" and she's in a lot of trouble!
Most of thai food has onions and green onions.、This time, i did not use green onions at all.、I cook it while using substitute ingredients skillfully!

Cheers、Of Shiga Kogen that you gave to two peopleTamamura Honten"Yamabushi Naison noir" with rich black beer À votre santé!!!

[Craft Beer & Wine MENU]
"Yamabushi Ni saison noir"
Unfiltered and non-heat treatment with complex flavors using home-grown sake rice "Miyama Nishiki" as well as home-grown hops、In the beer of the bottle secondary fermentation、There is a faint roast incense in a fruity taste, and a complex taste!

"Mitsuboshi beer Weizen"
Craft beer maker in Inuyama City, Aichi PrefectureMorita Kinshachi Brewery"Mitsuboshi beer Weizen" of "Beer" is a traditional top fermented beer originated in Bavaria, Germany, with an attractive flavor like cloves and bananas derived from yeast.、It is characterized by a soft mouthfeel!

Alsace Trinback Riesling 2014
a greenish transparent color、a fruit flavor like white peaches、Riesling representative of Alsace, which is condensed with refreshing feeling and minerals reminiscent of ripe grapefruit and lemon!

[Thai Cuisine MENU]
(1) "Somtam (ส้มตํา) Blue Papaya Salad" x Bowl:Wing Yue release (Gaku Shakunaga) mars himawari Φ250
I purchased Hamamatsu blue papaya grown in "Takemura Horticulture" in Nishi-Kamoe-cho near my house.、I arrange thai salad "Somtam" in my own way and make it!
Not only blue papaya、Shredded apples and red-core radish in season in Japan、A simple salad that only softens with sweet and spicy seasonings with mini tomatoes from "Kaneko Farm" in Mikatahara Town and black edamame from Tamba Sasayama, which was boiled and frozen and stored!
Blue papaya before ripening has a lot of enzymes.、Lipids and carbohydrates、Take the protein down.、Vitamins and minerals、Dietary fiber、It is known for being rich in nutrients such as polyphenols!
Because the enzyme contained in papaya is effective for maintaining health such as fatigue recovery and digestion promotion, and beauty effect can be obtained、It is an essential salad for menopausal girls! (laughs)

(2) "Pat Gapaomu (ผัดกระเพราหมู) Stir-fried ground pork with holy basil" x:Wing Yue release (Gaku Shakunaga) Petri dish reversible Φ250
A classic side dish of Thai cuisine to stir-fry minced pork with basil!
"Pat = Stir-fry"、"Gapao-Holy Basil"、"Pig=Mu" and "Pat Gapaomu"、Ground chicken is "Pat Gapaogai"、The squid is "Pat Gapao Pramuk"、Shrimp will be "Pat Gapaokun"!
This time the、Add shiitake mushrooms instead of onions to improve aroma and umami.、I put green pepper and red yellow paprika in the color!
The final scent of Nampura (fish sauce) transforms into Thai cuisine at once!
The yolk of white crispy is a thick half-boiled fried egg on the iron plate!

(3) "Gayan (ไก่ย่าง) Thai style yakitori" x vessel:Wing Yue release (Gaku Shakunaga) mars Φ250
Thai Yakitori Gayan、The day before, put the chicken wings together and soak them in seasoning and put them to sleep overnight in the refrigerator.、A dish baked with a stone kiln roaster!
You can enjoy refreshingly if you squeeze the citrus such as lemon and lime!

(4) "Tom Car Guy (ต้มข่าไก่) Chicken Coconut Milk Soup" x Bowl:Wing Yue release (Gaku Shakunaga) Thin bowl Φ240
This soup is one of the two most famous Thai soups after "Tom Yum Kung".、"Tom= Boil"、"Carr-Galangal"、"Guy= Chicken"、 It's a coconut milk soup with spices and sour chicken!
This time、It is a soup that I learned at the cooking school of the first-class hotel "The Siam" in Bangkok!
More mellow than Tom Yum kung、I am quite addicted to this soup that the smell of herbs is refreshing! Aro-i อร่อย!!
The recipe will be introduced in detail in a future Bangkok article、If you want to make it, please see the article!

(5) "Pattai (ผัดไทย) Thai style yakisoba" × vessel:Wing Yue release (Gaku Shakunaga) Áge Φ320
Thai style yakisoba with a good feeling of rice noodles with flat noodles and sweet and spicy sauce、It is a classic dish of Thailand!
This is also the pattai that I learned at cooking school.、The recipe will be introduced in Bangkok article!

(6) "Tom Yum Kung (ต้มยํากุ้ง)" x vessel:Wing Yue release (Gaku Shakunaga) gen thin pot Φ22
"Tom = Boil"、"Yam = Mix"、"Tom Yam Kung" with "Kun-Ebi"!
Hot and sour、Thai cuisine is considered to be one of the world's three largest soups with a complex aroma.

(7) "Tomato curry with mackerel and celery" x bowl:Wing Yue release (Gaku Shakunaga) gen thin pot Φ230
Here is、When we had a moving party held last year,、It's like a curry that you both liked.、It is a dish that there was a request this time!
I learned the base of Indian curry.Take specialty spice Curry ammikkal anmiccaluEri Suganuma (ERI Suganuma)Chan!
Now、Speaking of our curry, most of them are Indian curry!
This is an arrangement menu designed for Bernard, who doesn't like onions.、Do not use onions at all、Celery brings out sweetness and richness!
It is a curry that can be recommended for those who are not good at meat because the compatibility of mackerel and tomato is outstanding!
This time、I went to Ammical to buy fragrant spices.、I had you divide several kinds of unusual chili peppers from Eisato-chan!
Fresh chili peppers have a strong pungency and a good aroma.、It is an essential ingredient for Indian curry!

(8) "Abondance Abondance Cake" x Bowl:Shimoo Design KAZARIDAI W500 × D90 × H30
Adult cassis that is light and can taste the condensed feeling、Limited-time cake made by staff、The coffee cream is fragrant combombi、Cake with cream puffs made with Shizuoka red cheeks、Pear caprispoile soaked in pomegranate syrup、With seasonal apples、Six beautiful cakes!

(9) "Epanouir Apple Pie and Stollen" x: Shimoo Design Uki-sama Round Dish
2019Just opened in Irino-cho on July 9, 2009. Baked confectionery epanouirApple pie and this year's Stollen that I asked Moe of (Epanuwheel) to make specially!
Apple Pie、Apple that dares to leave a texture in a cream full of cinnamon enters with a rumbling、Finish with a response to eating!
Stollen、3Four kinds of spices in two kinds of nuts、5It is made using a kind of fruit and made by traditional form and manufacturing method, and it has a flavorful and gentle taste!

(10) "Mameyaka Fue's Coffee Brazilian Peaberry"
A well-balanced mild type with cocoa flavor and caramel aroma is very popular every year.Blister and Japanese restaurantPerfect for dessert with coffee!

Time with two people who traveled to 60 countries around the world and never run out of travel time passed in a blink of an eye、It was a delicious and fun time to pop out, such as a heroic story that can be talked about only because you experienced! You two.、Come and see me again!

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