New OPEN world pizza Championship series contestants Melissa Hamana Lake branch "Marisa due"


He has participated in the World Pizza Championship in Italy every year.、The famous pizza restaurant in HosoeMelissa Hamana Lake' And I of 2nd store "Melissa hotelGrand OPEN was held on May 29, 2013 at the place where former Spies garden festa in Aritama-cho was located.。


Open has just been open, but the parking lot is already full of cars、The inside of the shop is also very crowded.。Here you will、Pasta at lunchtime、If you choose one from pizza, a salad bar and a drink bar will come with you.、I heard that you enjoyed eating at family and women's parties♪


Shop、Because the parasol is installed, it is indoors.、It is directed to taste a sense of openness like the outdoors。Because it is quite a big box、The capacity is also large enough to accommodate about 60 to 70 people.。


This salad bar has a time limit until 19:30.。Here you will、The green salad was prepared with a mix of carrots and onion slices.。Dressing、2Type。Thousand and Italian。When Thousand was over, japanese style creamy was served♪


"Salad" Salad Bar、Have a lot of replacements.、I'm happy because I can eat Morimori vegetables♪


In the bar、You can enjoy various types of coffee at the coffee maker.。


And、100%Juice Orange or Apple、Grape juice and、Iced tea、You can drink all you can drink with oolong tea and so on.。


Apple juice and iced tea


In the back of the counter seat、There is a cute stone kiln.、They serve me freshly baked in front of me.。


"Margherita" 980 yen

Pizza dough.、Rome (crisp and thin and the best tooth response)、Milan (crispy texture)、Intermediate thickness)、Because you can choose from each of the three types of Neapolitan (fluffy and plump real fabric)、Margherita ordered in Milan。The size that came out was a big size of about 30cm、Because the fabric was thin, it was flat with peroli.。There's plenty of cheese and tomato sauce is delicious!。Personally,、Maybe you prefer the dough to be baked a little more crisply.。After all, we、It seems to like pizza of "Neapolis" and "Ciro" of Toyohashi♪.


'Santa Maria' 1,080 Yen

Order Santa Maria in Rome。Two-color set of fragrant basil sauce and refreshing tomato sauce。I love basil.、2I ordered it in the same way as the article (laugh) The melting condition of the cheese mixed with the smell of tomato sauce and basil.、I was able to take perori here, too.。Although the appearance of OL-san was seen overwhelmingly the girl rate was comparatively large、It's♪ nice to have an Italian pizza for lunch.

Marisa Due
765-1 Aritamakita, Higashi-ku, Hamamatsu City TEL:053-435-6880
Hours of operation:11:00-15:30 17:30To 22:30 Closed on Mondays:No regular holidays

765-1 Aritamakita, Higashi-ku, Hamamatsu

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